Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mandela Family Disputes

The appalling disputes involving the Mandela’s has left a void in the affairs of the family and that of the ruling party the ANC as mediators in one of their former leader’s affairs. The traditional values that Nelson Mandela has been moulded with from his childhood that embrace the whole concept of ubuntu managed to keep the family united and voices of decent silent until he went into a state of being critically ill and unable to make decisions. The villages of Mvezo and Qunu are not far apart and the struggle of people who live there is a correct copy of the injustices of the past and economic divisions in South Africa. The people of Mvezo and Qunu have no access to clean water and sanitation which are basic human rights in the New South Africa.

The thought of one of the greatest leader that ever lived and inspire the people of South Africa and beyond its border the world having lost the battle of economic freedom in his own village doesn’t  fit the legacy that Mandela has lived for in his entire life. 
It begs the desire to find out what has made Mandela fail to root out the evil of poverty and inequality in his own people of Mvezo and Qunu? There is no doubt that if during the time that Mandela was released from prison, he was ready to build a better society for all in South Africa but one man couldn't do it alone when it all matters most to the current ANC led government.

The cultivated culture of affording the representatives of the people a conditioning allowances to maintain South Africa the way it would have been even if the apartheid government representatives would have been in charge is what went wrong during the time when South Africa tasted its freedom
The battle of economic freedom for the majority of South Africans has been lost and everywhere you go in South Africa you see people who live side by side as a divided society due to economic inequality.
The situation of the Mandela family could have been handled in a matter of dignity and privacy that it deserves without the infighting that necessitated the reburial of human remains of two of Madiba’s children. 
The startling conclusion in the Mandela family has been that of taking advantage of the ailing Madiba. 
There is no doubt that Mandela’s capacity to challenge any family battles was diminished two years ago when the family feud reached climax when the reburial of remains was undertaken. 

There is scepticism that even at the age of 94 people all over the world still expects Madiba to fight the natural process of aging and nature doesn’t allow it but despite all this, people all over the world continue to keep Madiba and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

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