Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Liberals' Denialism Bred A Culture of Entitlement Among SA Blacks

The Tshwane Metro is paying too much for goods in order to benefit certain providers. They pay R4,320 for a 40mm galvanised pipe that could be purchased for R439.

Well someone has to take care of the poor blacks who were given Black Economic Empowerment companies with huge Government contracts to get them started.

Did you know that according to liberals this is how it worked in the days of the NP, pre-1994?

According to liberals whites were given such preferential treatment, while blacks were not.

Remember that according to liberals white South Africans kept blacks locked up in cages and we are said to have gone hunting blacks on Sundays just for the hell of it. That is what liberals have always been telling the outside world.

According to liberals blacks were denied opportunities in SA. Blacks, according to them, were denied jobs, blacks were even denied school education and were not allowed to attend universities.

According to liberals whites were all made rich by the NP government, we were given houses for free together with free water and electricity.

According to liberals our children went to school and universities for free and all white school leavers were allowed into university, even if they did not graduate with a matric.

Yes that is what the liberals have been telling the world over the decades.

It is for this reason that blacks today feel it is their turn and they are entitled to enjoy what the whites supposedly enjoyed, because the liberals told them it is the right thing to do.

Liberals have been telling blacks that whites made school standards so high, because they wanted to make it extra difficult for blacks to pass, while quietly passing the whites to give them the edge above blacks and to make the blacks look stupid. Apparently all the world-renowned white engineers, scientists, doctors and academics that were produced in South Africa were just given their qualifications, because they were white. That is the message liberals having passing along to blacks and the outside world.

So to get back at whites for the nasty things they did to blacks according to liberals, blacks under the guidance and advice of liberals, have placed a total ban on white employment, access to tertiary education, business ownership, land ownership, government contracts, etc.

Liberals bred this culture of entitlement. Because of what liberals taught blacks and told the outside world, whites are now being forced to give their land, their businesses and everything else they "were given by the NP" to blacks, because blacks also deserve a turn to score from their own race card.

Are you aware that blacks have been under the impression that credit cards were given to whites by the NP government with unlimited spending facilities? That's what liberals told them.

You see, people often get upset when I tell them I do not hate blacks, because I hate liberals. Blacks were brainwashed by liberals. Children believe anything they are told by someone they respect, consider wise, or older. Liberals, playing on the emotions of blacks, presented themselves as the daddies, the saviours of blacks, thereby gaining their respect and trust. Liberals manipulated the minds of blacks to control their perception of their reality. The average worker-class blacks, in their naivety, believed what liberals told them as gospel.

The black youth of today actually believe that whites forced their grand-fathers and grand-mothers to work in their gardens and homes for free and that whites went to parks over weekends to assault blacks for fun and that blacks had no legal recourse. That is what was put in their heads by liberals. 

The curse of this country, and this world, is not the black, not the Indian, not the coloured, not the white, but these damn pesky liberals who manipulated the minds of blacks to control their perception of whites and pre-1994, so-called Apartheid, RSA. 

There is no more evil being placed on earth than a liberal. Liberals formulated and sold the concepts of Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action to blacks, because it suited the liberal agenda.

Do I hate blacks? No I grew up with them, so I most certainly do not hate blacks, but I do hate what they have become as a result of the evil manipulation of liberals.

If one understands the traditions, culture, the mind and behavior of black one would expect them to run rampant in an undisciplined environment, where their traditions and culture were destroyed, which is exactly what we have in SA today, anarchy, thanks to the destructive efforts of liberals.

If a parent always tells the child that stealing is fine, because daddy always writes a cheque to make it go away, one should not hate the child for thinking there is nothing wrong with stealing, one should hate the parent for teaching him it is ok, because daddy would take care of it.

A parent that always makes excuses for the undisciplined delinquent behavior of his child, is breeding a criminal adult. Political correctness is a means of making excuses for the undisciplined behavior of certain groups, usually blacks. In so doing blacks are allowed to get away with everything and anything. Liberals with their political correctness are therefore to blame for the uncontrolled behavior of blacks world-wide, because they always get away with everything. 

Liberals are the daddies of the blacks. The daddies who always taught their children that everyone else on earth are always wrong, everyone else are always against them and just being nasty and that they, the blacks, are always right, always good and they are just being oppressed for being smarter than whites.

When whites, Afrikaners, Portuguese, Greeks, Germans, do something wrong like, rape, murder or defraud, the liberal media will always make a point of stressing the fact that they are white and of a particular language and culture, but when the same crime was committed by a black, the media will never mention colour and culture and avoid it at all cost. 

By so doing, doing the politically correct thing, liberals have been telling blacks, it is ok, they are entitled to crime, because their liberal daddies will protect them by hiding and denying their sins and wrongs. 

Crime statistics in South Africa are 100% untrustworthy for this reason and this reason alone.

Denialism and political correctness are both tacit approval and the single most important perpetrators of the murders, rapes, violent crime and corruption in South Africa. By denying that we have a rape problem, a murder problem, a high-jacking and juvenile delinquency problem we are actually stating that we have no problem. 

If there is not problem there is no reason to address anything now is there. This being the case, nothing is being done about crime in SA. If the SA Police were to suddenly start publicising and implementing plans to curb farm murders, the whole world would turn around and ask, but why? Why, if you do not have a farm murder problem, are you implementing these draconian measures to address something that, according to you and your statistics, does not exist?

It stands to reason then that even if they would like to, this regime, together with their police and liberal advisers, dare not do anything to curb crime, because it would be a clear give-away, an admission that they dare not allow. For the sake of tourism and business, they cannot afford it.

The image and perceptions that liberals deliberately created about pre-1994 RSA must be upheld at all costs, to make the New SA under this evil ANC movement and their liberal-created-god Nelson Mandela seem like a much better place.

So, does anyone still blame me for hating liberals as much as I do?

I hate any damn liberal with a passion beyond anyone's comprehension. They are the curse of this world.

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