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A Lesson in Mathematics South African Style

I so often read and hear people talking nonsense that things in the New South Africa will improve with time, but it seems they did not have maths at school.

Officially according to the 2011 Mid-year population estimates for South Africa, there were 50,586,757 people in this country of which only 4,565,825 (9%) were white.

According to the official statistics for 1987 the total population was 29,025,000 of which 4.911 million were whites. This means that (officially) the total population grew from 29 million in 1987 to 51 million in 2011.

Over the same period the number of whites decreased from 4,9 million to 4,6 million. (Ref. The 1988 SA Pocket Digest & SA Statistics Mid-year population estimates 2011, Release P0302)

The 1980 census count was nearly 23.8 million; another 4.6 million were added to compensate for acknowledged undercounting, resulting in a nationwide population of 28.4 million. The figures excluded those living in the three homelands that were nominally independent in 1980--an estimated 2.7 million in Transkei, 1 million in Bophuthatswana, and about 350,000 in Venda. A fourth homeland, Ciskei, with a population of 678,000, became "independent" in 1981.
The next census, in 1991, took place amid unprecedented political violence. For the first time, the government used aerial photography and sample surveys to enumerate residents in eighty-eight "unrest" areas, which were otherwise inaccessible to government officials. After being adjusted for underenumeration, the 1991 census yielded a count of 30,986,920 citizens, excluding the four "independent" homelands. Residents of the other six non-independent ("self-governing") homelands--10,746,504 people--were included in the nationwide count.
In 1992 the United States Bureau of the Census estimated that 48 percent of all black South Africans, and about 1 percent of all other racial groups, lived in the ten homelands--which made up only about one-seventh of the total land area of the country. On this basis, the bureau estimated the total population of South Africa at 40.6 million.
In 1994 the South African government estimated the total nationwide population at 40.4 million, after all ten homelands had been reincorporated into South Africa. In that year, the United States Bureau of the Census estimated the total population of South Africa at 43.9 million. Relying on the South African government's enumeration and legal categories, the South African Institute of Race Relations estimated that the population was 76.4 percent black, 12.6 percent white, 8.5 percent coloured, and 2.5 percent Asian.
"The figures for 2005 put the number of white South Africans in the country at 4.3 million, 841 000 fewer than the 5.2 million of 1995." (http://www.fin24.com/Economy/Million-whites-leave-SA-study-20060924)

An average 2,35 children are born per woman in this country, while whites have been leaving by their hundreds of thousands and bearing an average of perhaps only 0.2 children per woman.

In 1989, the South African Institute of International Affairs estimated that there were 1,2 million illegal immigrants in the country. By September 1994, the most highly liberal Dr Frederik van Zyl Slabbert announced at an HSRC symposium that the number of illegal aliens in the country maybe as high as 12 (twelve) million. (http://www.queensu.ca/samp/sampresources/migrationdocuments/documents/2000/solomon.htm). Dr. Buthelezi stated the same figure in Parliament in 1995.

In 1996 independent French researcher, Marc-Antoine Perouse de Monteclos estimated that one in five of the inhabitants of townships surrounding Johannesburg was an illegal alien. In addition, he noted that by 1996 up to 70% of Berea and Hillbrow were populated by foreigners, three-quarters of whom were illegal immigrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). His research has also identified a small but rapidly growing illegal Rwandese community in Durban. (http://www.queensu.ca/samp/sampresources/migrationdocuments/documents/2000/solomon.htm)

According to Mr. Tokyo Sexwale the number of squatter camps have increased from around 260 in 1994 to 2,700 by 2009.

In the meantime some 8 million people cross our borders every year, the vast majority being from African states, and no one knows how many of those entering the country ever leave the country again.

It stands to reason that it would be virtually IMPOSSIBLE for South Africa to have had only 51 million people by 2011 and only someone with no common sense would believe it. According to the figures quoted by Van Zyl Slabbert and Buthelezi we would have been around 40 million by 1995 already. Also remember that according to the US figures we were already 43.9 million by 1994.

Update June 2012
SA attracts the most asylum-seekers
"Between 2003 and 2008, the Department of Home Affairs deported more than 1.4million people."

Gloves come off in SA and Nigeria diplomatic feud
"Researchers claim we’ve deported more than 2.5-million people in the past 20 years. In an ordinary week, we deport an average of 350 people."

South Africa deports 15000 as controls tighten
Passop alleges that desperate asylum-seekers buy forged border passes for R1500 each so they can apply for permits. It said about 1700 applicants receive their permits every month. This figure is much lower than the number of Zimbabweans deported every month.
"We have so far handled 14932 deportees through Beitbridge border post since the exercise resumed on October 7 last year. Between January 1 and March 2, 7177 Zimbabweans were brought back home," Charles Gwede, assistant regional manager-in-charge of Beitbridge border post, told journalists this week.

It should be obvious that with the increase in the number of squatter camps, the continuous influx of illegal immigrants from Africa at a rate of more than just a few million annually, while the whites are leaving by their tens of thousands annually, the ratio between blacks and whites in the country is increasing at an unimaginable pace.

The opportunities for whites are disappearing faster by the day, not only because of BEE and Transformation, but simply because they cannot compete against the increasing and overwhelming number of blacks in the country.

In 2000 Hussein Solomon said, "Given the current state of the economy, the negative impact of illegal aliens on the job market cannot be underestimated. In this context, it is useful to note that 34 per cent of South Africans are unemployed; that eighteen million South African citizens live in abject poverty; that fewer than seven out of every one hundred school leavers find employment each year; that the country's economy is shedding jobs at an alarming rate (116 000 jobs were lost in the first nine months of 1997); and that 53 per cent of South Africans currently live below the R301 per month poverty line." Contemplating The Impact Of Illegal Immigration On The Republic Of South Africa (http://www.queensu.ca/samp/sampresources/migrationdocuments/documents/2000/solomon.htm)

In the same report it was stated that "In March 1999, Senior Superintendent Johan Steyn, Commander of the Brixton Murder and Robbery Unit said that sixty per cent of all bank robberies and serious house burglaries in Hillbrow are perpetrated by illegal Zimbabwean immigrants."

As the number of blacks increases the crime increases, because this country's economy and food supply cannot sustain the population growth. The health services, social services, municipal services, water supply, electricity supply and the unmaintained infrastructure inherited from the National Party in 1994 cannot sustain the usage and demand.

If one considers the state that this country is in after only 18 years of uneducated black rule, imagine what it would be like in another 18 years from now, particularly with the continued influx of illegal immigrants, the theft of billions of Rand from the Government coffers every year, more and more corruption, murders, armed robberies, rapes, drugs, etc.

Besides the White Right dreaming of establishing a few different volkstaat / homelands in a number of different areas and taking back their Boer Republics, we read daily how the right-wing intends to fight, to start a war against the blacks, in the misguided belief that they would win.

The Great Congo War resulted in the second largest number of people ever killed in any war, second only to the number of people killed during WWII. Let us assume that the Right-Wing is really protected by some mystical force and that a civil war between blacks and whites also leads to the killing of 5,4 million people as during the the Great Congo War of 1998, it would still leave us with at least 45 million blacks (but probably closer to 100 million), and that is assuming that only blacks were to be killed in such war.

Unfortunately we do not have a population of only 51 million people, but rather closer to 100 million to 150 million people. In a war started by whites if only 500,000 were killed we'd be left with less than 4 million whites and 50% of the other whites would probably flee the country in the meantime, leaving us with perhaps 2,5 million whites, while the blacks would have been reduced by only a very tiny (negligible) percentage and the whites would be even more doomed than they are right now.

Even a war as horrendous as the great Congo War would change nothing, because the whites would still be the tiny minority it is today and blacks would still be the overwhelming majority.

Dreaming of things getting better for whites in future is a misguided dream and surely whites must be high on Crack to even be capable of such ridiculous dreams, let alone dreaming of starting and winning a war and taking over the country again. Wake up and be realistic for a change.

Things will not improve it will only get MUCH, MUCH WORSE. Transformation and BEE will be with us forever, because this is Africa. Opportunities for whites will DECREASE, not increase. Blacks will continue reproducing at an average of 6 to 8 children per woman and illegal immigrants will continue streaming in by their millions, drastically increasing their numbers over the next few decades, while whites will continue decreasing in numbers with the consequence that the ratio between blacks and whites will widen more and more.

Global economic collapse, collapse of the South African economy (which is long overdue anyway),  World War III, drastic Climate Change, huge reduction in agricultural production together with the continued black population growth in SA provides a recipe for massive increase in murders, crime, rape, drugs, violence, riots, revolution and everything else that goes with it.

Whites should stop talking nonsense about war, because they know NOTHING about war and even if there was a war between blacks and whites it would have a virtually zero impact on the number of blacks, while the whites would be wiped out and whites will not regain the power for as long as they remain the tiny minority they are.

We are living in a black African Country where we are a tiny minority, this is  not a white European country where whites are the majority. The whites in South Africa will eventually be devoured, with or without a fight, with or without help from abroad. This is Africa and a war will be the end of the white race in South Africa. So stop talking nonsense about taking them on and starting a civil war, because you have not done the maths.

Whites are free to dream of better days in South Africa and they are free to remain blind, deaf, stupid and ignorant, but time and the realities of the future will catch up to them, because basic maths will dictate the outcome. As parents we need to do what is best for our children, as children we need to consider what is best for our parents, and simple maths dictates that a war killing as many as 10 million blacks would not make much difference to their numbers, but a war would make a huge dent in our own numbers and our own chances of survival.

Unless something truly supernatural happens whites will NEVER have a future in South Africa EVER AGAIN! Things will NOT improve for whites in South Africa and it will only get WORSE, MUCH WORSE.

If you do not believe this, start doing the maths and start thinking realistically for a change.

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