Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just For The Record

Just for the record. I do not celebrate the passing of Mandela. But I wont shed a tear either. We (Whites / ANC) were once enemies, at war with each other, and then there was a change and everyone went to the negotiating table. It is all fine and well to go to the negotiating table, and it may change the situation, but it does not change the attitude. You all sing "Kill the farmer, Kill the Boer." while you stuff your faces on the product of our toil. You think this makes me love you? 

Treat me with respect and leave me alone, and I will do likewise. And vise versa. But your lot can't, so neither can I.

I sincerely hope that the day of your passing will not be remembered as the day that the new South Africa was lost, because, in my honest opinion, if things get any worse than they are at the moment, you may very well find that is exactly what is going to happen.

All I can say is farewell Madiba. I shall neither shed a tear nor smile, for you meant nothing to me when you were here, and your passing is of even less relevance to my life. All I know is that since you took over, this country has turned into a hell-hole and cesspit of note.

Don't anyone ever tell me about your wonderful legacy. Your corrupt party has ruined it for pretty much everyone except the few political elite.

Since the ANC took over ... This country, SHE BE ALL BROKEN ... and I don't see anyone taking any steps to fix it. Wearing a rugby jersey and basking in the glory of the white mans efforts never did cut it for me. But isn't that so symbolic of South Africa, ... A black man quick to jump on the white mans efforts and own it for himself. Just like he is quick to slap his name on as many things as he can that he never worked for or paid for.


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