Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BBC Creates Bad Image Of South Africa

The ANC has expressed outrage over a BBC documentary on the Marikana Lonmin mine massacre.

The two-hour documentary, titled “South Africa: The Massacre That Changed a Nation”, depicted what appeared to be the ANC’s failures in providing services for the people since the organisation came to power in 1994.

It was created by British Labour Party MP and filmmaker, Peter Hain, who visited the scene of the Marikana massacre and the Eastern Cape to interview the families of the deceased miners.

ANC spokesperson, Jackson Mthembu, said it was not for the first time that the British media created a bad image of SA.

“It is unfortunate that the BBC is portraying the ANC in a bad light. But we are no surprised because it is no for the first time that we hear of the British media doing this. Some segments of the South African media are also doing the same,” Mthembu said.

Hain described in writing on the BBC website the experiences he and his crew went through during their visit to the Eastern Cape while filming the project, which he said included driving on an impassable road. 

“Whatever happened to South Africa in the 18 years since the end of apartheid, not much had rubbed off on these people (of the Eastern Cape),” Hain said. He had met President Jacob Zuma and claimed to have put to him the allegations of corruption, cronyism and brutality “against their own people”.

Mthembu said the ANC had formulated the National Development Plan (NDP) aimed at redressing the imbalances of the past. “I don’t know if Hain wants us to take all the white-owned assets and give them to black people,” he said.

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