Sunday, April 28, 2013

Freedom Day

Freedom day???
So it is freedom day? Mwahahahahahahahahahaha !! Well Mr. Zuma you and your cronies can shove your stupid holiday up your ass!!
I mean really – what is it that I am free to do? Lets see, I am free to be unemployable simply because I am white, regardless of my skill set or political affiliations I am free to remain unemployed simply because you and your cronies are black supremacists who don’t like me simply because I am white. And you justify this action by holding me responsible for something my great grandfather may or may not have done?? Well Mr. Shit for brains, I think you need to be held responsible for what is happening now! Instead of coming after me and my people for something you imagine we did wrong decades ago? Why don’t you man up and stand for the horrible crimes you have and still are committing!! I will tell you why – because you are a yellow bellied coward!
Our youth is free to become dumber and dumber because you and your collection of fools cant even deliver text books to their schools, you are causing decades of suffering by making our youth almost as stupid as you? They will become a generation of small Zuma’s that cant do anything for themselves, a generation of fools that will just sit and wait for a handout. Handouts that will soon start to dry up because the biggest fool of them all – that would be you Mr. Zuma is making it difficult for the people who pay tax to remain employed?? You really are a dumb shit!!
We have the freedom to be raped and tortured in our homes without any chance of the police or government coming to our rescue! We are facing genocide and still you deny it and claim that all is well in South Africa? So in other words you consider that fact that we have a higher murder/death rate than any war zone in the world to be normal? Well all that proves is that you are a savage of the worst kind who should be taken outside and unceremoniously shot in the head for the good of the people. And before I forget we also have the freedom to defend ourselves against this racial genocide without the help of any firearms!! Well guess what? You failed! We still have weapons, some legal, some illegal and we have become more vigilant and are ready to kill your followers when they come for us! You say the attacks on us are becoming less? No they are not, we are just not reporting it anymore, it is much less trouble to just kill them and get rid of the evidence than deal with your retarded police officials.
We are free to drive on your dangerously un maintained roads as long as we pay a fortune for the “privilege” of doing so? For that matter we are free to do anything we want as long as you can pocket some money out of it? You are a warlord and a thief! So do me a favor and take your freedom day and shove it where the sun don’t shine, because it is nothing but lies and we don’t need it. What we will will celebrate is that we will always be free, because we are a proud nation and we know we are free to defend ourselves against idiots and savages – not because anybody says so but because it is our God given right to do so – remember the source of your greed is going to run out soon whereas the source of our determination will never run out and will outlast you all because it is eternal and divine and has withstood all before you and will still be around long after you have become a distant memory!
So go ahead and celebrate your “freedom day” while your own people starve and die in the violence that you have created, and know this if the picture of you with a shower on your head does not please you, I am pretty sure that future generations of your own people will depict you with horns and a tail.

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