Friday, March 29, 2013


25th June 2013

So there was a tornado in the free state this weekend that was so bad that people died and property was destroyed, a tragedy in any terms! But once again as soon as the story hit the media there were people ranting and raving about how it affected only black people who live in shacks and never hurt white folks????? You bunch of sick fucktards!!!! It affected anyone who was in its path! And the fact that it affected more black people than white people is because there are so many black people! I suppose that if America or Russia or somebody else for that matter fired a missile into a South African city it would be our fault that more black folks were killed than white folks???
So let me get this straight, we now have lightning that targets black people and tornados that seek out black people?? Well if this is true, surely you cant believe it is our fault? No sir !! Best you start making amends to God, Allah, Buddah, Krishna, Sponge bob, Jah Rastaffarri and however else is out there because it seems they are as tired of your shit as the rest of us! Seriously we are just normal folks, and don’t control forces of nature. So if these forces of nature are targeting you and your people then you have have much bigger problems than a handful of white folks, so better you start consulting with the ancestors, witch doctors or the kungfu panda to protect you from these forces that are gathering against you.
It is actually quite sad that no matter what happens you instantly blame white folks or “apartheid” all it really proves is that you have absolutely no ability to solve or overcome anything – in short you are a bunch of pathetic losers that cant wipe their own asses!! You were handed the keys to the kingdom and all that you have done is turn it into a slum! It is half way through the year and thousands of scholars still have not received the text books they require to get an education, which probably means they will pass this year regardless of how they perform, leaving us with yet another bunch of slackers and dimwits entering the job market next year. And so you will continue rotting this society from the inside and keep blaming the whites and “apartheid” until all the whites are either dead or living in other countries?? But then not even that will stop you, no – then you will blame all your misfortune on the fact that the whites left!!
Get a life you whiney bunch of slackers!!!

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