Saturday, February 16, 2013

ANC to steal more taxes

By Mike Smith
15th of February 2013

In President Zuma’s “State of the Nation” speech yesterday, he also announced a “Tax Review”.Zuma announces Tax review

He said that the finance ministry will review its tax regime this year, including looking at mining royalties, to ensure the government is raising sufficient revenue from the economy.

He also said that they want to ensure that they “have an appropriate revenue base to support public spending,"

“Public spending” ???, like paying for Zuma’s Nkandla Palace???

I see the mines were elated that they will be taxed more. Mines keep JSE on back foot

Nevertheless, as you know, I believe taxes are unconstitutional.

There is not a single section of government that cannot fund itself.

Further the state owned property, money and assets can be put into a trust fund and they can fund the government like that.

Everything else should be privatized, Eskom, Telcom, Railways, etc. There is no reason why parastatals should exist.

Taxation is a form of extortion. It is immoral when the mafia does it and you won’t stand for it. Why does it suddenly become moral when the government does it? Why do you accept it?

When the government forces you, by threats of imprisonment, to give up your money, the fruits of your labour, then they are threatening to take away your constitutional right (Sec 21) Freedom of movement and residence.

In prison you won’t be free to move where you want. And if you have less money, you cannot go on holiday or live where you like or can afford, because you have to give up half of your money to a thieving, corrupt terrorist regime.

The same with your right to property as in Sec 25. The government does not have the first right to your money. When every man's labour is the property of the state, and he is allowed to keep only what the state feels appropriate, we call it Communism which leads to poverty and death.

The threat of imprisonment by the government if you refuse to pay taxes is against your constitutional right Sec 12, which deals with your individual freedom and right to security.

Section 13 of the Bill of Rights says that “No one may be subjected to slavery, servitude or forced labour.” 

Yet the government forces you to work five to six months of the year just for THEM.

Section 14 of the Bill of rights says: “Everyone has the right to privacy”…and…Section 16 says “Everyone has the right to receive or impart information or ideas…”

Yet the government forces you every year to declare on a tax form how much money you earn, how you earned it, where you live, what your expenses are, etc…What happened to your constitutional right to privacy or your freedom to declare it or not? It got raped by the government.

By forcing you to pay tax, the government directly hampers the rights of your children as stipulated under section 28 which includes, your children’s well-being, education, physical or mental health or spiritual, moral or social development.

…And so I can go on…

Taxes are against every constitutional right that we have. Taxes are immoral and unconstitutional. Full Stop.

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