Sunday, May 13, 2012

Constitutional double standards in SA

By Mike Smith
10th of May 2012

Hot on the heels of the racist models Jessie and Tsidi who had breakfast with the DA where they kissed and made up came the village idiot one Itumeleng Mabeba who expressed his darkest fantasies in a tweet…Jessica Leandra dos Santos "deserved to burn in hell you racist cunt", and hoped she was "raped with a broken beer bottle",
Jessie Leandra should be raped with a broken beer bottle

And mean time in Cape Town a student was expelled from CPUT for making a “rêssis” post on FaceBook in which he said black people were "fucking brain dead monkeys [who] always skinner [gossip] in their retarded language".Cape student suspended

And if you thought that was not enough already from the sensationalist media, then along came a black girl by the name of Rego Modise (17) who cried “Rêssism” when she was not allowed to partake in an Afrikaner only hockey trial.Black girl turned away from hockey trials

Typically she went to the gossip, sensationalist media and lied. Saying that she was sent to the trials by her coach and that upon registry she was told that the trials were for “white kids only”.

Her school principal said that neither he nor his staff sent any children to the Afrikaner only trials. The girl persuaded her parents to drive her there out of her own accord after the children heard about the trials through the grapevine.

Rev Peter Stans, CEO of Afrikaner Volkseie Sport, the organisers of Bokkie Week, said Modise had "definitely" not been invited for the trials, which were by invitation only. He said the week was for "Afrikaner" children only.
School did not send students to hockey trials

So it was a total non-event that should never even have made it into the media, but no…The media could not resist flogging the dead racist horse back into life.

Section 18 of the Bill of Rights clearly states that
“Everyone has the right to freedom of association”.
So what is “Racist” about Afrikaners holding a hockey tournament for Afrikaners only? Excluded were English whites too.

One commentator posted a list of “Blacks-only” organizations in SA which nobody seems to have a problem with…

BLACK Lawyers Association (BLA)
BLACK Accountants Association (ABASA)
BLACK Journalists Association
BLACK Management Forum (BMF)
BLACK Securities and Investment Professionals Association (ABSIP)
BLACK Construction Association (BBCBE)
BLACK Business Association (NAFCOC)
BLACK Business Executive Circle (BBEC)
BLACK Association of Travel Agents (BATASA)
BLACK Brokers Association (BBCSA)
BLACK Businesswomens Association (BBWA)
AFRICAN Women Chartered Accountants (AWCA)

…But just let the Afrikaners hold their own sports event, then they are “rêssis”. Seems like the constitution is only valid for other South Africans, not for Afrikaners. They are not allowed to practice their freedoms as it stands in the constitution.

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  1. The time has come for us to ignore what others say about our people and do what we know is right. We are leaders and not followers