Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bullshit Crime Statistics

By Mike Smith
21th of January 2011

Last year in September the useless ANC released their
bullshit crime statistics and claimed that violent crime came down for the third year in a row.

Apparently murder was down by 6.5% and sexual offences by 3.1%. Assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm dropped by 4.5%, while robbery with aggravating circumstances was down by 12%.

Anybody with half a brain knew that this laughable junk was nonsense. Yet, some idiots believed it and the DA actually congratulated the ANC regime on their efforts.

In the past I have explained how the police bungle cases, how forensic laboratories are overloaded and how the police “lose” dockets or deliberately falsify crime statistics. Then there is a moratorium on crime statistics implemented by the ANC to hide the true extent of crime in SA.
Links to how the crooked and corrupt ANC reduces crime How the useless police bungle cases and criminals are set free

Here is another report on how the police falsify statistics Four senior police bosses in court for falsifying crime statistics

The investigation found murder cases had been reduced to inquests and that housebreakings had been described as trespassing.



  1. Dit is om die volks moord weg testeek, en as moord misluk is dit "trespassing" as die skelem gevang word is dit rassisme en as hy weg kom het die kriek op die prop gebly.

  2. you guys are angry huh? Why not leave South Africa and come to Europe where you will be more happy?

    1. @AnonymousApr 19, 2012 01:03 AM

      We won't move to Europe for the simple reason that Europe and the rest of the World is only NOW starting to get the problems we South Africans has had to live with for the last 17 + years...

      You know... better the devil you know... besides the euro is not worth my life and when I look at the filth greated by the multi-culti over there and it makes me thankfull for the BEAUTY of South Africa.