Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jacob *Litigation* Zuma

  • JULY 2006, sued Highveld Stereo for R7-million for broadcasting the song My Name Is Zuma, which commented on his rape trial.

  • August 2006, sued The Citizen for an article alleging that Zuma slept with a prostitute procured for him by Schabir Shaik; sued Sunday World for a humorous article with a punch line suggesting that Zuma was an incessant liar; sued Rapport for a reader's letter saying he was a "rapist"; and sued the Sunday Independent for an article in which commentator William Mervin Gumede opined that African culture was being invoked to justify rape or to silence rape victims. The four claims totalled R20-million.

  • January 2007, two claims against The Star for Zapiro cartoons. A third claim filed against the Sunday Sun for a cartoon by Mvuyisi Wilber Mfebe that depicted Zuma in a boxing ring, having lost a round to "Women Against Rape". The claims totalled R15-million.

  • March 2007, two claims against Sunday Times columnist David Bullard for a total of R6-million.

  • December 2008, R1-million claim against Rapport for alleging that Zuma used the services of a prostitute. Quickly followed by another against The Star for the article "ANC gags Zuma".

  • December 2010, sued Rapport for publishing a photograph depicting Zuma at a braai alongside Steve Hofmeyr and Leon Schuster, and captioned "Dingaan's picnic". - Andile Ndlovu

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