Friday, May 11, 2012

Violent and Hate Crime

There is a lot of horrific crimes in South African over the past few years that makes one think that our only solution to the rampant crime is capital punishment, but with an inefficient and corrupt criminal justice system and government, what can one expect?

South Africa is heading for a disastrous future. The ANC are incompetent, short sighted and loaded with corruption. Crime is everywhere, especially in the farming areas, as well as the low socio economic areas where people get murdered on a daily basis. We need a more efficient criminal justice system as convictions take ages. We need the death penalty? Why because I know for a fact that crime/murder will decrease because these murderers will think twice before killing the moment they don't think twice because IF they get caught they get 3 meals a day, room + bed, tv etc all at our expense for a few years then get released on good behaviour knowing that they are now hardened criminals and will stop at nothing to do what they do best crime/murder.

I am a educated black person that knows exactly how these people think- I have come across them and listened to the way they speak and they are something out of a horror story. They murder farmers because they dislike them because certain government leaders sing and chant hate songs against white people. Dubula ibhulu is not a joke, it promotes these crimes to the incompetent person in the poor areas. So instead of them going to rob you and leave you unharmed, they know that the ANC and its comrades endorse Dubula Ibhulu which means kill the white man/, unfortunately they will do what they have been told to do even though they might get a prison sentence which means nothing to them They do it because they are looked up to in their communities/gangs. I'm sorry to say this, but I warn you all to arm yourselves especially if you are a farmer and defend yourselves because you cannot rely on the cops or the courts! I feel very sorry for the farmers and all the people that get murdered in South Africa. The government has failed on so many levels. The ANC(African National Corruption) don't care about you and never will. Either a new competent government takes over or we just live in fear and misery!

Without the death penalty the only fear of committing a crime is a jail sentence and that's if criminals get caught & convicted because our courts are inefficient and backlogged! Considering how many crimes are committed by repeat offenders this is not even a deterrent any more. Jail is simple not scary enough. What scares anyone, including hardened murderers, is death. Having this ultimate form of punishment in place shows that truly heinous crimes cannot and will not be tolerated in civil society

There in an economical benefit too for introducing the death penalty. The Department of Correctional Services spends millions of tax rands on keeping these criminals in jails, money that could be invested in other sectors like education. If most of these barbarians were to be convicted and killed, we would not have to spend money on them. South African is not a rich country and we have a lot of people still living below the poverty line (i.e. not able to afford 3 meals a day like the criminals in jails). So how about we take that money and do something useful with it instead of wasting it on criminals who, after getting bailed out, commit the same crimes again. This "correctional service" is not working and has been nothing but an embarrassing money wasting exercise.
Our criminal justice system/courts is another major problem. It favours more the wrongdoer than the victim. The constitution also favours the rich in South Africa and that is why organised crime has increased drastically in South Africa. If you have money then you can obtain the best and highest paid legal team that will bend backwards to ensure these organised criminals remain free to roam and commit more crimes in South Africa. In actual fact the government has failed the South African citizens by allowing the mafia into the country to set up shop to do what they do best, organised crime! The unfortunate truth is that South African white people are too complacent to do anything constructive about this. You all moan and groan about problems in SA and the crimes which I agree is shocking, but you never protest or do anything constructive to stop this madness. South Africans in general are too materialistic and self centered to start a revolution for a positive future!

You must be the change you want to see in the world and that should be a psoitive one for all.
The bottom line is that, unless we have a better justice system, crime will keep on increasing with criminals knowing there will be no consequences. One can just look at Zimbabwe that was once the breadbasket of Africa. Such a shame to a once beautiful and prosperous country. I just hope South Africa doesn't turn into something similar with the current useless leaders & government, but I tend to think that things are not looking bright for SA. Zimbabwe will now, out of stupidity, bribes, & arrogance, get 'colonised' by China- a new era of colonialism that's coming there way and the whole of Africa for that matter! Times will be tough in Africa....most people are too oblivious for now!

We could also mention that our population, especially in poverty stricken areas is increasing exponentially! With that happening, unemployment, poverty, crime will only increase especially with our government not providing decent education to the masses. The government needs to implement family planning education, possibly free contraception. Otherwise the more unemployed, uneducated people =problems create problems= it seems our government likes chaos! Our unsustainable economy & corrupt government with their materialistic and self centered lifestyles, coupled with our explosive population growth in Africa, is a recipe for a well earned disaster!
Here is a link to prove that South Africa and Southern Africa are probably the most murderous societies on earth, even with the probable under-reporting. A very informative link that just shows how bad things really are

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  1. Excellent idea. This however does not go far enough. We need to reintroduce the ideas espoused in the Bible where justice is about restitution not just punishment. The biggest part of the punishment would be the repayment of what was lost at rates determined by the "court".

    In God's justice system there are certain crimes that tear the fabric of society - rape, murder, paedophilia - and such crimes are punishable by death - immediately on the case being established by two or three witnesses - not 23 years and 17 appeals later. If not by two or three the perpetrator may not be killed.

    It also extends to the concept of "honour killings" whereby the family of the victim, knowing without doubt who the perpetrator of these crimes was is entitled to pursue him and catch him and execute summary justice on him - unless he had reached certain de-marked cities of refuge where he could hand himself to the authorities to then get judgement by trial.

    Other crimes are an eye for an eye. Just like accident insurance. They have determined what the value of an eye or other appendage is should it be lost and will pay that value to you. Same in God's justice system. IF you fight and knock out a man's eye you were expected re recompense him for the value of his eye as determined by the elders at the gates of the city.

    Theft was to be repaid at ratios over and above the value of what was stolen depending on the value. The higher the value, the more you had to restore - in other words - petty theft to feed yourself or your family for a day was not punished as severely as theft for greeds sake.

    If you could not pay you were handed over to the jailers who would make you work off your debt up to selling you into slavery to recover your debts. Your family could assist you to pay your debt and so be able to help free you, BUT your debt would be paid.

    This is a perfect system. It costs the victims of crime nothing and ensures criminals do not have the time on their hands to learn to be better criminals.

    Rehabilitation is something that takes place ONLY in the mind of the perpetrator - there is NO external way of rehabilitating another human being - they must DECIDE not to commit crime again.

    God's way is the best way. Crime is punished visibly and in a way that effects the criminal and not the victim. The victim is recompensed over and above what he lost. No taxes on it, no lawyers fees, and no corrupt incarceration system to suck money from the victims pockets.