Thursday, April 26, 2012

SA is The Crime Capital of the World

The Nedcore Project has concluded that: "South Africa and Southern Africa are probably the most murderous societies on earth, even with the probable under-reporting."

The Nedcore Project claims the results of their surveys "underscore the fact that crime has become South Africa's pre-eminent sociological problem. It now eclipses even unemployment in concerns of all South Africans."

The bizarre behaviour of the ANC government in, at one stage, imposing a moratorium on crime statistics is also questioned.

The report shows that in the first seven years of ANC rule, violence and crime in South Africa increased by 33 per cent, officially.

Worse Than War The UCA Report on Murder in South Africa reveals that according to the official statistics, in the 44 years from 1950 to 1993, there was an average of 7 036 murders per year.

This covered the turbulent strife of the apartheid years of warfare, conflict, terrorism, riots and repression.

However, in the first eight years (of peace) of the new democratic dispensation, under the ANC, an average of 24 206 murders were committed each year.

However, if the Interpol statistics are accepted, then the murder rate in South Africa during the ANC years has averaged 47 882 per year.

Official Cover Up Sharp discrepancies between official statistics and those of Interpol and the Medical Research Council are considered.

One observer is quoted as saying that the "easiest way for the police to reduce the crime rate is simply to do nothing but record only those crimes where a case number is absolutely mandatory".

Numerous experts are quoted as suspecting "serious under reporting"; "perhaps these figures are concealed for political reasons"; "the reason for this under reporting could be the desire to change the ongoing reputation of South Africa as the crime capital of the world."

Yours in conscience.


  1. Remember the "Old" Statistics did not include those from the previous TBVC States. That was ONLY for South Africa. Add the TBVC figures and you simply get an eloquent reason for Apartheid.

    A JUMP IN MURDER FROM 7K TO 48K PER YEAR!!! That is almost a sevenfold increase... STUNNING and SHOCKING!!! Without the requisite sevenfold increase in population.

    I wonder who the killers are?

    The SA Police figures are ABSOLUTELY suspect. As a member of Interpol the SAPS is mandated to provide Interpol with crime statistics. Why are they DOUBLE the "official" SAPS figure when they are the EXACT figures that SAPS was required to give to Interpol?

    Can we like to be stoopid or wot?

    This USELESS FECKLESS REGIME has taken this country beyond FUBAR and has been lying through their teeth just to hang in there. Zuma's latest blatant lies about "no" instability and "service delivery" protest not being about lack of delivery may hoodwink the fools who vote for him and various bleating or cock-a-doodling useful idiots... Me, I don't buy that bullshit for a second. I am buying food, fuel and ammo!!!

    1. I concur with you anonymous! SA is heading one way at the moment and thats down the drain...Crime and corruption is rampant. Our ineffecient criminal justice system is in complete shambles...with lawyers milking the system dry!