Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 35

The final solution, War or Work?

By Mike Smith
10th of April 2012

The biggest blunder of South Africans were to believe that they could ever co-exist with Marxist terrorists.

Further blunders were to accept that Marxist propaganda has triumphed, that Apartheid was wrong and that a Marxist takeover of the country was inevitable and unalterable. To have accepted the words of people like former Prime Minister John Voster that “The alternative was just too ghastly to contemplate.”

Their fear of an all out racial/civil war in South Africa allowed white South Africans to be intimidated and bluffed into appeasing a weak enemy.

This caused the whites of South Africa to drift into a state of mental stagnation, apathy and inaction. In short, white South Africans have been behaving exactly the way the Communists wanted them to behave.

Instead of maintaining a state of intellectual vigilance we have allowed Marxist propaganda to brainwash us and our children and get the better of us. We have forgotten the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers that have been spilled in this country to secure our future.

We have forgotten the ideals of the Boer leaders to establish independent republics under God alone.

Nevertheless, in 1994, the whites of South Africa in a 70% majority capitulated to the forces of Marxism, disarmed themselves, abandoned their nuclear programs, dismantled the nuclear weapons and gave the country over to their Marxist enemies.

The first time in history that something like this has ever happened. No country, no nation has ever willingly disarmed themselves and handed over power to their mortal enemies.

It will be the template for future takeovers of free nations and the rest of the free world better take heed because what we went through in SA in the early 1990’s is coming to a doorstep of other free nations soon.

What made it worse to accept is that this happened whilst the enemy was waging a terror campaign in the country called “People’s war”.

To disarm in the face of an obvious and present danger is an immoral act. It can only lead to self destruction.

What led up to the disarmament was the secret negotiations between the intelligence community, liberal intellectuals, NP government officials and the ANC/SACP Marxists in Dakar, England, Switzerland, Lusaka, etc and ultimately culminating in the farcical Codesa negotiations.

Disarmament means that one depend upon agreements instead of strength. Agreements are absolutely useless unless they can be enforced and without the means to enforce these agreements, ones weapons and strength, it is nothing but blind and naïve capitulation to the forces of evil.

In a vacuum of disarmament a group or party with criminal intentions like the Marxist ANC/SACP requires very few secret arms to overcome all opposition and subject the entire population under the yoke of totalitarian slavery.

During the entire time of the Codesa negotiation, the ANC Marxists NEVER once considered disarmament or suspending their armed struggle as they wished to call their reign of terror. The NP did all of that. They totally emaciated the whites of South Africa.

Disarming in the face of political conflict did not lead to peace and freedom, it invited war.

Disarming was the message of the enemy who wanted us to throw away our weapons and tie our hands behind our backs so that they could beat, rape, torture and murder us into submission.

However, the worst disarmament we ever did was not the surrendering of our military weapons to the communists, but the surrendering of our minds.

Peaceful co-existence

We fell for the Marxist promises of peaceful co-existence, because the alternative would be a full out civil war. The truth is that the alternative to co-Existence was co-Resistance.

The truth is that Communism does not have to be tolerated. It has no political, moral or economic right to even exist. It is a combination of sick and laughable theories that can never, has never and will never work. In fact it is extremely vulnerable to many types of peaceful pressures of free men and women. Communism can be beaten in South Africa and worldwide.

It can be done without a bloody civil or racial war. It can be beaten worldwide without the prospect of a bloody class war or nuclear annihilation.

In South Africa, co-existence with ANC Marxist terrorists and Communists is impossible. It is a contradiction in terms, because it means trying to co-exist with an enemy that has our conquest and ultimately world conquest as their agenda and goal.

They are constantly planning and striving for it through the application of deception, subversion, broken covenants and terror campaigns. Either one resists this evil or one is conquered by it.

Another mistake that we made was to believe that a Marxist terrorist organization such as the ANC, the South African Communist Party and their Rottweiler’s, the trade unionists of Cosatu are legitimate expression of political or trade union action.

Political groups solve their problems by entering into negotiations, attending conferences, and working out their differences with bona fide compromises which all parties are expected to perform.

The current ANC-SACP-Cosatu Troika is a criminal conspiracy which uses deceit, disregard for laws, disregard for the constitution, intimidation, terror, subversion, violations of treaties (such as Codesa), open insurrection through mass action protests and incitement to race war through their mouthpieces like Peter Mokaba and Julius Malema to remain in power and rob the country’s taxpayers into bankruptcy.

By viewing the ANC-SACP-Cosatu Troika as a legitimate political organization is the same as giving bank robbers business licenses.

Once we realize that we are dealing with criminals we should look at how law enforcement deals with criminals. Immobilize the criminal, render him harmless, isolate him and rehabilitate him.

Many rogues can and have been rehabilitated. After WWII Germany and Japan were successfully rehabilitated and became some of the strongest capitalist societies in the world.

During the Angola Bush War (1966 – 1989) many black Askaris were rehabilitated and fought on our side in for instance 32-Batalion, the most decorated unit in the SADF.

So what is the answer for South Africa? War or Work?

Here we have to look at our past and see what our strengths were always.

There can be no doubt that when it came to military strength, the Whites of South Africa always gave an exemplary account of themselves.

Up against the Xhosas on the Fish and Kei River, up against the Zulus at Blood River and Rourkes drift, up against the entire British Empire the Boers in the Anglo Boer Wars were militarily superior.

Throughout the First and Second World Wars South African soldiers always gave a good account of themselves against the totalitarian Nazis or Italian fascists.

Up against the full might of Red Aggression in the form of the MPLA, Cubans, Russians and East Germans on the Angola Namibian border, there is no doubt that militarily, South Africans were superior.

Yet today the Communists are in charge of South Africa?

Further, during WWII the Germans and the Japanese proved to be some of the best soldiers that ever existed, yet militarily they were defeated through superior numbers, superior weaponry and isolation.

After the war the Germans and the Japanese adopted a new strategy. They went to work.

They fully rebuilt their countries and conquered the world economically, something they could not achieve politically or militarily.

This brings us to the other strength of white South Africans in particular and something we often forget is what made South Africa the great country that it is, namely HARD WORK.

Today, tens of thousands of white South Africans who are extremely well educated, engineers, doctors, scientists, and even artisans such as electricians, millwrights, hairdressers, chefs, etc are not only making a name for themselves worldwide, but for their people and their country in general. They work without complaint, long hours, often with no remuneration for overtime, etc…

Wherever a white South African is employed in the world his boss wish that he had ten more such people, because South African whites know what WORK is. We get this work ethic in with our mother’s milk.

Any white farmer in South Africa will tell you that if you want to survive, you cannot gippo, you cannot slack off, you cannot pretend to be sick, you work until you drop.

This mentality, state of mind or work ethic is what carved a first world country such as South Africa out of the harshness and chaos of Africa, rock by rock and is what made South African whites sought after employees the world over. Even the ANC knows that if you want a job done, hire an Afrikaner.

So again...what is the answer? To War or Work? That is the question.

To be a white South African is the apotheosis of work. South Africa is what it is today through work and forgotten work.

Sure, we were the best soldiers on the continent of Africa and arguably the best in the world, but military success has always proved to be temporarily. Somehow the Boers still lost their republics and ultimately South Africa was still lost to the evil forces of Marxism.

So let us start with the creation of everything.

The entire world and universe came into existence through the WORK of God.

From the start man has cleared bush and build himself a shelter to protect himself against danger and hardship. Later on he expanded to cultivate food and domesticate animals so that he could secure his own life and that of his family. Then came cities to protect himself and his greater family and out of that a nation materialized.

There is a perennial nobleness in work. In Greek mythology Hercules had twelve labours and was worshipped for it. The Czar of Russia became a toiling shipwright and worked with his axe in the docks of Saardam. The leader of the Polish resistance against Communism Lech Walesa was a dock worker and shipwright too.

History is our record. When one looks at the great pyramids of Egypt and South America, when one looks at the great civilizations of Greece and Rome, their art, their teachings and their knowledge, when one looks at the majestic cathedrals of Europe, when one looks at our modern Western civilization, then one truly grasps the power of hard work. The world is scattered with the footsteps of hard labour.

There is always hope in a man who works; In idleness there is only perpetual despair. From the innermost heart of a worker rise his God-given force and his nobleness.

Only the lazy and insolent see labour as some sort of degrading necessity or even humiliation, to plough a field, mine ore, or build civilizations…

Truth is…to feel the sweat on one’s brow, to feel it running into and burning one’s eyes, to wipe it off and continue in the face of intolerable hardship is what makes us noble men.

Not war, but discipline in toil of brain, heart and hand… is the only true manhood and leads us to genuine nobility.

Labour is what distinguishes us from animals who merely eat drink and sleep. In the universe of intellect, man must work. He is nothing, can be nothing, can achieve nothing and fulfill nothing without working.

Without work, man will not secure himself, his family or any future happiness.

But it has become part of our society in South Africa to focus on work for selfish needs; for display and ostentation. To live in security villages, drive the latest BMW or Mercedes Benz instead of building more universities for our people or studies of our cultures, languages and art.

In South Africa we can currently also see an unnatural situation. Those who have done nothing are not starving, instead they are growing fat, but even so, such a person is standing proof that somebody has at some stage worked for that fatness of another.

It makes them parasites off the labour of others. Such an unnatural situation is doomed for failure and disaster.

The history of undeserved wealth has always been a history of corruption and downfall.
Throughout history the fall of great civilizations from Babylon to Rome can be attributed to unnatural accumulation of wealth without hard work.

But thankfully the majority of the whites of South Africa are from a class who produces and not only consumes. They add to the treasure of human comfort and not only take away.

The human body was not made for a luxury life. It sickens, sinks and dies under such a life. The human mind was not made for indulgence. It grows weak, effeminate and dwarfish under such conditions.

Someone who initially grew strong out of poverty always sees his fortune squandered by his children or grand children.

Yet we are almost all on that same road of accumulating wealth and leaving it behind for the following generations of our offspring who do not value the efforts of our ancestors.

We, ourselves, do not value the hard work and effort, the blood sweat and tears, it took to create our inheritance, South Africa.

Today we look for a Great Leader or Savior…

You do not look for the bone, sinew and strength of a nation, its loftiest ideals and virtues, its patriots and martyrs, men who can meet the days of perils, hardship and disasters among the children of ease, indulgence and luxury.

No, you look for them where they are WORKING.

We did not lose our country because we did not FIGHT hard enough. We lost our country, because we did not WORK hard enough.

Not everyone is a soldier or can be a soldier, but we can all be workers. And we can all work towards a better or future South Africa. Every man woman and child can work towards freedom for our people.

So why the reluctance to work?

Why work so hard when your name will not be carved in marble on a statue erected in your honour? Why work when you will soon die and the world will forget about you, never remember your name, never read any of your books, look at any of your paintings or remember you as a great general or statesman?

The answer is that every man and women has a work to do within him/herself; A work greater and more sublime than any work of genius.

Every man has to work on his own soul, his own conscious and his own intellect.
Before you can be a king, you first have to be a man.

Therefore the answer to the long-term future existence of whites on the southernmost tip of Africa does not lie in “War”, but in “Work”.

However, it will take a combined effort. It will take parents, teachers, university academics, university students, the students themselves, businessmen and –women, legislators, journalists, religious ministers, and artisans from every walk of life to start rolling up their sleeves and putting shoulder to the wheel.

The time for apathy is over. The time for blame-shifting is over. We have to think about our future and the future of our children. We have to start thinking about whether we want to be here in 50 years time or 200 years from now.

In the Bible God said in Isaiah 2 verse 4 that

"He will judge between the nations, and will render decisions for many peoples; and they will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again will they learn war."

Ultimately we get the country we are willing to WORK for not WAR for.

So my fellow South Africans, roll up your sleeves, put shoulder to the wheel and let’s free ourselves.

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