Friday, August 19, 2011

Zuma worst South African president ever

19 August, 2011

I read with interest your article on Jacob Zuma and congratulate you on an excellent article. This man is the worst kind of person ever to sit as President of South Africa.

He has shown no leadership whatsoever and it seems his knowledge of the English language is very sparse.

He seems to have done great damage to South Africa inasmuch as we are not looked on favourably by the rest of the world because South Africa has become another corrupt nation.

I live in London and cringe sometimes when Zuma's name is brought up as he really has no standing in politics. Further his closeness to the ANC Youth League means that he cannot control them as they do not respect him.

Who does in any event. It is really time to look around to ensure that a new President with an excellent reputation and standing who has the right qualifications to become President (i.e. can speak and understand English!) and with a firm hand to ensure that he is above all the rubbish the ANCYL dish out, is put in place.

Without a strong president South Africa will become like Zimbabwe - full of corruption, nothing else. Please let us take the right road this time.

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  1. The Whites of South Africa are in Stage SIX of genocide, the international organisation to end genocide,, announced on August 20 2011. South African whites are being targetted for genocide by the ANC Youths, as well as by 'black-racist Marxists', the organisation said on its website. Also, South African women are in Stage 6 of genocide because of the out-of-control gang-rapes, they said.