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20 June 2011

Ruling party congratulates Julius Malema on his re-election 
The African National Congress (ANC) congratulates comrade Julius Malema on his re-election over the weekend as President of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) at the 24th ANCYL National Conference held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand.

We also wish to congratulate other elected office-bearers, comrades Ronald Lamola (Deputy President), Sindiso Magaqa (Secretary General), Pule Mabe (Treasurer), Kenetswe Mosenogi (Deputy SG) and the rest of the Youth League National Executive Committee.

The ANC, which deployed some members of its decision-making body - the National Executive Committee (NEC) - to the four-day ANCYL Conference, is happy with the high level of robust deliberations by delegates on challenges facing the youth and society in the country.

The ANC appreciates unity and maturity displayed by all delegates to the incident-free Youth League Conference, which went without any acrimonious contestation during election time. We also acknowledge the critical role played by former ANCYL leaders in ensuring a successful Conference.

The ANC has noted the wide-ranging resolutions adopted by the Congress, which we think should form part of ongoing discussions in ANC constitutional structures as well as structures of Alliance partners, ahead of the June 2012 ANC Policy Conference.

We are encouraged by the commitment of the ANCYL to break gender, race and demographic barriers by stepping up mobilisation efforts to attract to the Youth League fold all young South Africans.

Since its formation in 1944, the crucial role played by the ANCYL in advancing the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) in South Africa, cannot be over-emphasised. Militant and radical in character, the ANCYL has a history of having produced a leadership that has been forthright on its thinking on issues affecting young people and the society.

We want to state unequivocally that the ANCYL resolutions remain those of the League and do not alter ANC policies being implemented at Government level.

Pronouncements by the Youth League on such matters as the nationalisation of mines and land redistribution - among others - form part of ongoing discussions within the movement. These have already been shared at numerous political platforms, which include last year's National General Council (NGC) held in Durban.

The ANC would like to reiterate that the ANC Youth League Conference was that of the ANCYL and not a forerunner or a precursor to the ANC elective conference in 2012. We also want to restate that the ANC Youth League Conference and the outcomes thereof have no bearing and no relationship with the upcoming ANC 2012 conference or the leadership that will emerge from the ANC conference.

With ANC Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe having proposed an ongoing engagement between the ANCYL leadership and the ANC NEC on policy issues, we are looking forward to enriched discussions on matters affecting us all.

We share sentiments expressed by ANC President Jacob Zuma who - at the opening of the ANCYL Conference - emphasised the important value attached by the ANC to the ANC Youth League "because it is the future investment for the sustainability of the ANC".


We also wish to reiterate the fact that the ANC established the ANCYL as an integral part of the ANC, while it exists as an autonomous structure.

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