Monday, May 30, 2011

Zuma and Gadafi


What exit strategy ?

This thug is wanted by the Hague so how he can be offered an exit strategy ?

Please tell me Zuma does not plan to give him refuge here !

Why not just send in the Navy Seals? They know all about arranging exit strategies.

Another criminal that we must support?

Didn't you know?!
South Africa is an official retirement
haven for despotic African dictators.
Mad bob already has a R100,000,000
retirement home built in Llandudno,
Cape town. 

Yep, another tin-pot despot living of the South African taxpayer.

Exit plan by giving him asylum in South Africa?That must be it since nobody else in their right mind would want the ****er in their country but us.

Zuma's actually gone over to discuss an ENTRANCE PLAN for mad old Gadoofus to come live with us here in Mzansi. Can you imagine if someone invited a murderer into your home without asking your permission first! Surely a public referendum would at the very least be in order?

As the racist anc says..."there are too many Coloureds in the Cape". So he is going to dilute them with an arab!

Zuma should rather focus on his own exit stratgey

JZ - best you work on your own exit plan........ You can go to Libya.... 

And then he can work on his own exit strategy. Maybe he and Looney Tunes and Bad Bob Mugabe can move in together.

No dictator will give up power on a 'pretty please' from Zuma. Just another expensive trip to get some lessons from his buddy.

The deal will probably go like this :
Gadhaffi leaves Libya.
Gadhaffi gets amnesty for crimes committed.
Zuma and ANC gets cash.
Everybody is happy, except lady justice, who gets raped again.

Who does Zuma think he is? I voted for the ANC in 2009 and regret it. We should work on an exit plan for Zuma and his merry thugs so that this country can start progressing instead of becoming another African basket case.

Zuma couldn't plan a piss up in a brewery...

Please Zuma...this is higher grade stuff...

Hey Zoom Zoom,forget his exit plan - please rather work on yours.

zuma is getting in some work experience so when it comes the time he can organise his own exit stategy

I am working on an Exit Plan for Zuma and his anc cronies. Any suggestions?

I bet the rest of the world is laughing at us poor South African suckers.

We've got no money to uplift the millions of poor people in our country, but we can spend millions on another country's criminal. Just like we did with that guy from Haiti. All this, without the people of SA having any say in the matter, and many not even knowing about it.

Just exit the psycho to anywhere other than SA. Preferably 20,000 leagues under the sea.
Zuma is about to discover what NATO thinks of him and the AU. 

Somehow the ANC and Zuma has some policital clout outside is they dont. The Americans and Europeans dont give a hoot about some horny phoney president from the tip of Africa trying to score brownie points by trying to persuade Gaddafi to go into exile. Neither CNN, BBC nor sky or any major tv news channel has reported that Zuma has been trying to mediate. Nobody knows and nobody cares!!


Here is a thought for NATO - put a tracking device on Zuma or whichever fat wife that has gone with him to "negotiate", then you don't have to guess in where Gaddafi is hiding - no more wasted bombs. Do us all a favour, why don't you....

This coming from the ANC who last week in Limpopo said they salute the work of Robert Mugabe...

Zuma visited Tripoli on April 10 as part of a high-ranking AU delegation to broker a truce, but a peace plan fell through" This costly exercise was hailed as "a huge success" by our government.
NATO : Stop this bombing immediately. The man has spoken.

Hope one stray missile lands on showerhead 

With his thick scull, no effect, will probably only bend the missile.

UN please don't bomb tripoli whilst Zuma is there, cause just maybe Zuma will die and we have to deal with Malema the clown. 

Let him be castrated by a stray missile. he thinks with his little head. jacob Dick Dooma. Lots of people skills. Little else.

hahahaha I think we actually really under estimated the ANC! They are so stupid that they think that the rest of the world gives 2 hoots about what the gibbering African circus has to say!!!!! the ANC is a joke and an embarrassment to the world!

The Exit strategy is RSA. The discussions are simply about how much Gaddafi will pay Zuma into Zuma's undeclared offshore bank accounts to give him asylum in RSA. Just like what was done for Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Sounds to me like one criminal aiding and abetting another

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