Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crime out of Control

June 15, 2004
Crime is absolutely out of control in South Africa and even worse than has been reported. The statistics are mind-boggling. The South African murder rate is ten times that of the US. And what's worse, not only do most crimes go unreported, but most of what does get reported is never solved.
South Africa's Murder Rate Far Worse than Reported

"Victims' surveys have consistently uncovered between 60% and 70% more crime than reported by official sources. Upwards of 50% of crime in many serious categories goes unreported."

White separatist community experiences rapid growth as Blacks continue their destruction of South Africa.]

White separatism on the rise in South Africa

"An Afrikaner enclave on the edge of a desert is being flooded with applications from whites disillusioned with South Africa's black government. Now, due to fear that South Africa will follow Zimbabwe into political and racial turmoil, Orania is beginning to fill up."

Ah, "racial diversity"...ain't it great???

2001: The USA had 16,110 murders - South Africa had 21,108

2001: Population of USA: 282 million - South Africa: only 44 million

SA 10.5 times more as deadly than the US

Cape Town - Government's claim that South Africa was not a crime capital and compared favourably with the rest of the world is refuted by US crime figures, says official opposition chief whip Douglas Gibson.

In a statement on Monday, Gibson said in 2002 it was reported by The Economist that the US had 16,110 murders but in South Africa in 2001 - the most recent available figures - there were 21,108 murders.

With figures released as a result of DA action taken in terms of access to information legislation, it was found in 2000 that the previous year there had been 21,995 reported cases of murder, of which 10,696 had been referred to court. A total of 4,007 convictions were reported in that year.

Gibson noted that the US population was more than six times that of South Africa.

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