Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Marchers Questionaire


14 November 2011

Today we learned about yet another march to follow against the ANC in the Eastern Cape.

We are going to publish this note and hope an ANC voter will come give us an intelligent answer as to why they are marching against the government.

We are a bunch of black liberals gathered here on a Saturday night, while the marchers are probably at some night club, clubbing the night away, while we worry about your future.

But before you blast us once more with all your old apartheid stories, The Colonialists that stole our country, and the Eskimos that stole our ice, please answer the following questions seeing we are all still in an examination mood.

You had voted for the ANC as late as this year. So please tell us when you voted this year:

Section A:

1. Were things any better than when you voted in 2007, if you were eligible?

2. Have your parents been given a free house between 2007 and 2011?

3. Did you get a job if you were unemployed after graduation?

4. Are you free yet of a taxi being squashed like a sardine or did you get access to civilized public transport?

5. Has your father or mother been given a nice juicy government tender?

6. How many foreigners have moved into your street?

7. Are your siblings still paying school fees and are their teachers at school?

8. Have any of your parents lost any tyres due to the condition of our roads?

9. Were there any new businesses or manufacturing plants been started up in your area (excluding Chinese & Somalian)

10. When you last visited a state hospital or clinic, how hygienic were the facilities?

11. Do you understand when a Cuban doctor is speaking to you and do you think he understands what you are saying?

12. Do you know that less than 10% of the population are paying tax and have to keep the other 90% of the population happy and fed and in 4x4's killing innocent learners?

13. Do you know that all consumer goods once manufactured here have been replaced by illegally imported Chinese products?

14. Do you understand the fact that because we no longer manufacture in this country it has caused job losses?

15. Do you know the Chinese pay R15,000 for citizenship in our country?

16. Do you know the Nigerians living here illegally are dealing in drugs imported from China?

17. Do you know the Chinese, Somalis and Nigerians don't pay VAT to SARS on goods sold to you?

18. Do you know what VAT is and that we need the VAT to be able to pay your Granny her pension?

19. Do you know our President and his Vice are buying Jets costing R1.6 Billion?

20. Do you know how democracy works? The Party with the most votes gets to rule the country? Do you know that?

Make sure you know the difference between Million and Billion. To help you understand the difference, 1000 Million is a Billion.

Section B:

Now sit down and think soberly and explain to us if the ANC ISN'T living up to your expectations, why do you keep voting for them, but marching against them. Get your thought process going because it is insane marching against the party you vote for.

(In this section words such as white, black, Colonialism and Apartheid may not be used, we deem them irrelevant to our current problems)

Section C:

(This section deals with a very important issue and you need to focus now)

1. Are you using the imported Chinese condoms that are tearing, also supplied via government tender?

2. Do you know how HIV/Aids is transmitted and do you know at all what it is?

3. Have your parents discussed conception with you and do you know that sex turns into a baby?

4. Do you know babies eat and need clothes?

5. Do you know that we have 2 million Aids orphans?

6. Have you had an Aids test if you do not know how to wear or insist the wearing of a condom?

Section D:

(questions are for ANCYL members only)

1. Did you march with Malema last week to the Union Buildings and why?

2. Do you know the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the heart of our economy?

3. Did you ask Malema why he wants to destroy the heart of our economy?

4. Do you know Malema drives around in a R1.2 Million 4x4 and is building a R15 Million house?

5. Do you know if the mines are nationalised that jobs will be lost due to the mines closing because of lack of expertise?

6. Do you know that nationalisation of the banks will result in a complete collapse of our currency?

7. Do you know we have a balance of payment? (If you are unfamiliar with this then do some research)

8. Do you understand that the tomatoes you eat will become imported items when the farmers are killed?

9. If you eat maize meal, do you know after the farmers are killed, you will eat rice that the Chinese will import?

10. Did you know Malema's mentor in Zimbabwe is now singing jingles on national radio stations to lure voters?

Section E:

In less than 2000 words justify the R500 Million the ANC is spending on the centennial birthday bash.


The Black Liberals


Remember we don't want to hear about Apartheid, Colonialists, Eskimos or any Monks in Tibet that caused your current misery!

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