Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Difference Between A Boer and An Afrikaaner

Die verskil tussen Boer en Afrikaner is die vryheidstrewe. Die Afrikanergroepe soek selfbeskikking en 'n lappie grond wat hulle 'n Volkstaat kan noem. Die Boerevolk wil die Boere-Republieke terughĂȘ waarvoor ons voorvaders gestry en gely het. Niks meer en niks minder nie. Wie die Boerevolk se geskiedenis nie ken nie, sal ook nie sy strewe verstaan nie. Daarom kan Boer en Afrikaner nooit dieselfde wees nie!
(Piet Rudolph)

The difference between a Boer and an Afrikaner is the strive for freedom. The Afrikaner groups want self rule and a piece of ground or Volkstaat that they can call their own. The Boer people want the old Boer Republic that their forefathers had and fought and suffered for. Not more or less. Those who don't know the Afrikaner history won't understand this struggle or quest, therefore the Boer and the Afrikaner can never be the same.

Translation very kindly done by my GOOD friend Dolores Potgieter and her son Christopher Potgieter

This was the feedback I got when I asked for a translation:

Piet Blackwolf start learning to understand afrikaans,if you stay in our country then you should know the taal or go back to england.

Dolores Daly Potgieter ‎@Piet Blackwolf. Totally unnecessary to be so insulting. We don't stay here (bad english) WE LIVE HERE. We were born here. Can you read, write and speak english proficiently.???
Piet Blackwolf dan wats julle probleem met my taal,dis die taal wat die meeste gepraat word hier van al die ander wit tale,ek word hier beledig nie julle klomp engelse nie
Christopher Potgieter Piet, ek wil net een ding se. Maar ek gaan dit in engels se. 99% of afrikaans people these days CAN'T EVEN SPEAK THEIR OWN LANGUAGE. They have to mix it with english. Another thing, i and many people are sick to death of the common attitude "Speak afrikaans or don't speak at all".......What crap. Englis is an international language....LEARN IT!

Dolores Daly Potgieter  As the saying goes :die afrikaner/boer kan saam drink maar nie saam staan nie".


  1. Thank you so much Dolores and Christopher for this translation. I appreciate what you have done for those that "live or that are new to this country" and don't speak Afrikaans(yet).

  2. We Boere are the only ones entitled to a Boere Republiek!
    We don’t want just a “lappie grond” in this sick lala rainbow nation hellhole … We the Boere are entitled to what rightfully belongs to us!

    Ons het meer as een Pier “Skiet” nodig.

    For those who insult the English language … Are you aware that there are many English Boer supporters out there, doing their bit to end this tyranny visited upon us … In English!

  3. The problem is that neither the Boere, nor the Afrikaners know their own history. Striving for a volkstaat is as irrational as striving towards the Boer Republics.
    The Boer Republics were signed away, given away, by the Boers, while the Volkstaat was possible before 1994, not thereafter. Living in the past does not solve the problems of the now and it does not present a solution for the problems of the future.
    The selfishness of both the Afrikaner and the Boers will be the cause of their own demise.
    Both groups are catering only for themselves, the hypocritical plastic Christian fundamentalist Afrikaans speaking white tribe, without ANY consideration for the rest. They are still clinging to their Dutch descendant heritage, while the very Dutch are the people that sold them out more than any other nation in history.
    They'll still be striving towards their volkstaat and searching for the Boer Republics that were given away by their ancestors when the revolution (which they themselves deny) will overwhelm them and they would come crying and screaming for the help of those very non-Afrikaans-speaking people they so hate.

    1. Maybe you should check your history...... the Boers had no choice to sign over the land because they had lost everything and would have faced a certain death by the hands of the British. Their wives/families were in concentration camps, and many killed by the British. Yes it was signed over, but in a very unfair situation.... they had no choice.

  4. @ ToxlNews...

    Have a look at OASE and their plan at:


    The area they propose is historically Boer and was the HEART of the Free Republics before the Transvaal moved the capital to Pretoria. Even today - The Boer people form a majority in that area of over 50%. Add to this Englishmen of various persuasions and coloureds that are more "Afrikaans" than most Boers and you have a culturally similar majority of way over 70%.

    So... We have a proposed area that HAS almost NO land claims in it as they cannot claim what was never theirs to begin with. There have been a few spurious claims but that was to be expected. The area also sports a rather high number of farm attacks. I wonder why?...

    The LAW says that we have the right to SELF DETERMINATION in a GEOGRAPHIC AREA where WE form the CULTURAL MAJORITY. The Bosnians were not the population majority in the area they got as a homeland but they were the CULTURAL MAJORITY - A very clever distinction.

    With support this plan can work and it can happen quickly. Southern Sudan became an independent state, requiring ONE NATION to recognise you as such in a matter of months after the referendum they held to gauge support.

    It needs SUPPORT and not just Boers like me. I find it offensive that you paint all Boers with the same brush.

  5. @ Tox continued...

    Generally Boers do not give a flying fart about their so-called Dutch heritage. Please do not make the mistake of equating those Afrikaners who had power with the average Boer. The Boer people are in general NOTHING like those men. You must remember the forces at work after the English war that has essentially denied the Boer Volk any kind of legitimate power or voice.

    The fact is this: A defeated nation, who's permanent soldiers consisted of an Artillery Battery, who were numerically overwhelmed by the massive number of Foreign aggressor troops were thrown back onto their farms in abject poverty, without recourse to legal or financial aid. Dumped by the perpetrators of genocide into a situation guaranteed to ensure their further demise. Dumped onto farms like my great grandfathers that were a smouldering ruin as far as the eye could see. All his cattle dead, his sheep and chickens dead, his wife, two daughters and a son dead in the hell camps, another son and two brothers dead on the field of battle. Priceless family heirlooms like the Bible put to flame. Over 200 years of family history wiped out by the greed of an Empire. No furniture or anything - all a smouldering ruin. What must a man like that do, an old man, to simply get back to where he was before the war? After the loss of EVERYTHING. No capital, no access to capital, no one to mourn for him, no one to comfort him.

    DO NOT DARE come here and talk of Boer greed. What we had was ours. It was settled legitimately or bought by gold and blood and treaty. IT IS OURS!!! The fact that it was stolen by an Empire and handed to a people who sat in the Cape and DID NOTHING TO HELP OUR CAUSE means nothing to us Boers.

    We will NEVER give up our dream and we will NEVER surrender again... To stop us you will have to defeat us on the field - something the greatest war making machine in history could not do... A bunch of Marxists that were running around naked fifty years ago will not stand a snowball's chance in hell...

    That my people are still here today says more about the tenacity and forbearance and stolid patience of my people than anything else.

    Since the English war, the Boer has been assimilated into a group of people sharing 95% of his culture and language called the "Afrikaner". Until this distinction is shed, the Boer people will NEVER have any power. Power has been wielded over us by people who are essentially of the same heritage but who lack ONE VITAL aspect of "Boerness" - THE DRIVE TO BE OUR OWN MASTERS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!!! Something denied to us now for over 100 years.

    That drive for self rule is why we trekked.
    That is why we could not be defeated in the field by the combined armies of an Empire who, in the end, resorted to genocide in order to steal our Boer gold.
    That is why we have been oppressed for 100 years by being lumped in together as "Afrikaners".

    However we realise that in the current global situation it may be expedient for us to "ally" ourselves with the Afrikaner in order to get his support for our cause.

    The fact that the cultures are not quite the same will not be distinguishable to an outsider.

    We will have our freedom again my friend. It took us two hundred years of struggle, fighting barbarian hordes, and trekking to escape the hand of tyranny once before, to stand in the sun as free men - albeit for a moment. We will do it again.


    It is the fire inside him. It is in every part of his body, heart and soul. No matter the odds, no matter the obstacles, no matter what - WE WILL HAVE OUR FREEDOM...

  6. I am a Boer and know my history, as my grandfather always said "n Afrikaner is n bees, ek is n boer"

  7. Anon makes excellent points. I myself have over the years learned about & examined the difference between a Boer & an Afrikaner from an anthropological perspective. IE: noticing the early bifurcation of the late 17th cent. which led to the emergence of two distinct White Afrikaans speaking groups. The Cape Dutch population: those who coalesced within the south western Cape & who were pro Colonial & looked down on the Boers ridiculing the drive for independence. And The Boer population: those who developed & emerged on the Cape frontier from the impoverished Trekboers & developed a very strong anti-colonial sentiment & drive for complete independence identifying themselves as Africans & tied to the continent.

  8. The division is just 'great' isn't it???? Who cares about the difference between a boer, 'n moer, die vloer???? Who cares? WHITES are under immense attack not only because of hypocritical racism, but South African WHITES are being bastradized/polarized as 'white capitalist' scum. What the BOER, the AFRIKAANER, the ENGLISH white man in South Africa does not understand is that WHITES IN SOUTH AFRICA have been used as a SCAPEGOAT for a worldwide communist agenda! They used Mandela to manipulate worldwide racial division and labelled every white South African as the perfect examples of 'white capitalist scum'. Thanks to SOCIALISTS in the British press and across Europe who belonged to Socialist/Marxists circles, the put all white individuals into one camp and manipulated the races worldwide to drive the overthrow of capital worldwide. WHO CARES ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BOER AND AN AFRIKAANER! WHO CARES! IF THEY BOTH TOOK THE TIME TO GET EDUCATED AND STAND TOGETHER, THEN MAYBE THEY WILL BE SOMETHING IN A MODERN WORLD INSTEAD OF SOME CULT GROUP THAT PROFESSES CHRISTIANITY, BUT NEVER LIVES UP TO IT......