Friday, October 7, 2011

Sheryl Cwele has lost it all.

05 October, 2011

Convicted drug dealer Sheryl Cwele has lost it all.

Sheryl Cwele has lost her job as health manager of the Hibiscus Coast municipality after her appeal against her firing failed

Exactly seven weeks after State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele was granted a divorce from her, the Hibiscus Coast Municipality yesterday announced that her appeal to keep her position as health manager had failed.

Municipal spokesman Simon Soboyisa said the appeal chairman, Brian Denny, upheld the disciplinary committee's findings that Cwele was guilty of improper conduct, misconduct, and failure to protect the municipality's interests.

"The appeal was heard on September 21 and the chairman delivered his findings on September 30. The decision of the appeal committee chairman effectively terminates the relationship between Cwele and the Hibiscus Coast Municipality," he said.

"Her last salary was in September. The appeal outcome was finalised in September so she cannot receive a salary from the municipality for October," Soboyisa said.

He added that Cwele could approach the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, or the Labour Court, to try to get her job back.

Cwele was unavailable for comment yesterday. However, her attorney, Mvuseni Ngubane, said she had not given him further instructions relating to her employment.

Four days after her conviction on May 5, the municipal council agreed that Cwele should not be paid as of June 10 and that a formal disciplinary hearing should take place.

Cwele's salary was reinstated in July when she took the council to the Labour Court to reverse the suspension of her salary.

Siyabonga Cwele's spokesman, Brian Dube, said the minister would not comment on the outcome of the appeal.

Their divorce was finalised on August 23 in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

They were married in October 1985 but had not lived together since 2000.

Cwele and Nigerian Frank Nabolisa were sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment for recruiting drug mule Tessa Beetge, who is serving a prison sentence in Brazil, and for attempting to recruit Charmaine Moss.

Cwele was granted leave to appeal her conviction and is out on bail.

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  1. These ANC types think people are stupid. At the time of her arrest, she and hubby were all cosy together, and the State claim that they lived apart was dismissed as DA lies(or whoever).
    Now that she has been found guilty, she remembers that she and hubby /Minister have been apart for many years. tell me, he is the Minister for Intelligence????????