Thursday, October 27, 2011

Juju's March


TRUE COLOURS: ANCYL T-shirts and caps are displayed for sale at the league’s economic freedom march in Johannesburg.
WTF ?!?

AT THE READY: Marshals stand ready as the ANCYL's economic freedom march moves through Johannesburg.
I like the way Malema was not only late for his own march but also alternated between walking and riding the route
but his supporters didnt have that priviledge, what a twat!

EN MASSE: ANCYL march on Oxford Road, Johannesburg.
Just an excuse to cause more disruption, who is paying for this & the destruction left in their wake??

FRIENDLY: A jubilant supporter jumps on Julius Malema as he leads the crowd of protesters during the ANCYL march to the Chamber of Mines in central Johannesburg.
A look of total disgust at being much for being with the people for the people?

DANCING: Members of the ANCYL dance as they stage an "economic freedom youth mass action" march in Johannesburg.
I thought they were meant to be the Youth League not the Old Wives Club??

PS: The red is my own comments and not what was published by the media.
I will die laughing if we get a huge rain storm tonight washing out their night vigilante
At least the traffic going to work was better this morning.....
My thanks to Tanya Blank for this email - you rock my friend <3<3

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