Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vicious Killing of Family

A family was murdered in Walkerville - What was reported in the South African Newspapers

A family of three, including a 13-year-old boy, has been found shot dead on their smallholding in Walkerville, south of Joburg, according to a report on Monday.

Captain Shado Mashobane told Beeld newspaper it was suspected that the boy's mother had been raped before being shot dead. The boy and his father were shot dead execution-style.

The police found their bodies on Sunday after finding the family's car in Orange Grove.

The body of Giraldine Vaina, 46, was found in the main bedroom, while her husband, Tony Vaina, 50, seemed to have been shot dead in the lounge. He was found on the stomach with his hands tied behind his back.

The body of Amaro Vaina, 13, was found in the bath, with his hands tied behind his back. He was a Grade 7 pupil at the Linmeyer Primary School.

His father was the owner of MSV Tooling in Germiston.

No arrests have been made. –


Walkerville Killing

To those of you who have heard about the killing of a family in Walkerville on Saturday night, these are the true facts.

 This did not happen in De Deur.

This happened on a plot near the Walkerville show grounds.

The Mother, Father and 12 year old Son plus the family dog, were not shot as the press claims.

They were hacked to death with pangas, the Mother was raped and then had a broken bottle rammed into her vagina.

 The family was chased around their 13 room home and hacked to pieces as they ran.

 The son was drowned in the bath with his hands tied behind his back.

 The savages tortured this family before killing them, while drinking the alcohol they found in the house.

 There were blood splashes and smears in every room of this large home.

 The dog was hacked to pieces and shot.

 This was done by the 20 year old son and his buddies of a black family who had worked for the family for many years.

 Anyone old enough to remember the Congo and ‘Uhuru’, will recognise this.

 There is a march against crime being planned, but those of us who have done this before, know that this does not help.
These bastards, when or if they are caught (the son is in custody, found with the family car), will be held in cells while becoming local hero’s.

 They will probably be granted bail and someone will conveniently lose the dockets and they will walk free as is the case with so many of our criminals in SA.

 This is what is going to happen more frequently.
There will be the usual cover-ups and sweeping under the carpet of these incidents to keep the citizens of SA unaware of just how bad things are here.
This is not simply crime.
This is racial extermination and they are hell bent on chasing every white man, woman and child of any age, out of the country.

 They are being fuelled by the likes of Malema and the ANCYL and the rest just turn a blind eye.

This report was posted by  Glenda Labuschagne who contributes to the Facebook page, South Africa From The Inside.

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