Sunday, October 30, 2011

Census 2011: Were you counted or did you take a stand?

By Mike Smith
29th of October 2011

I see Statistics SA says that 97% of houses have been visited and counted.

It is not just about counting the sheep, but also checking how much wool they have and which ones can be fleeced the best.

Three white families in the entire Pretoria took a stand and said, “Stick your census forms where the sun doesn’t shine end get the hell off our properties...”

Well, not quite, but something to that effect. I take my hat off to them.

Incidentally they are all from Waterkloof, the rich man’s suburb of Pretoria, so it seems these are not stupid people.

It fills my heart with joy to see that there are still some intelligent white people left who are willing to take a stand and defy the criminal ANC government.

Three families are not much, but we have to start small. Baby steps...

Nevertheless, let’s look and see how the ANC will misuse these statistics to nail whites in the next few months and years. They will use it to “prove” whites are affluent and blacks are poor; that whites are still the bourgeoisie and blacks the proletariat...and that will give them the right to tax and steal more from whites.

They will use it to prove that whites own the most property, the most businesses, have the highest incomes, etc...mark my words. The day will still come that whites will wish they never filled out the 2011 census forms.

When the ANC comes and forces you to accept ten Lumpenproletariat blacks to live in your house, then you will know what the census statistics were all about. It happened in other Socialist countries and it will happen in SA.

If you do not know what Lumpenprols are... these are not Sipho and Sophie, the live in maid and gardener variety or so called “good” blacks that white South Africans feed, clothe and pay on a daily, these are your drug dealers, prostitutes, released criminals, beggars...the dregs of the proletariat...The ones ordinary blacks do not even want to be associated with...That day you will understand what Socialism is.

3 families charged over census
2011-10-28 10:07

Pretoria - Criminal charges have been brought against three families in the upmarket area of Waterkloof in Pretoria, after they refused to fill in their census forms.

Statistician General Pali Lehohla laid the charges of non-compliance at the Brooklyn police station on Thursday.

The cases are being investigated by a detective.

Lehohla said on Thursday night that the Statistics Act (Act 6 of 1999) allowed him to act against people who refused to take part in the population and household census.

"Article 16 of the act makes it compulsory for a respondent to answer all questions that an official from Statistics South Africa asks them," said Lehohla.

"The data is used only for statistical purposes and no one, not even the president, can gain access to it on an individual level."

Lehohla said Statistics South Africa would only use criminal proceedings as a last resort.


  1. I filled in the census...

    It is full of errors, omissions and mistakes. Names are misspelled, ages and birth dates are incorrect, races and sexes are incorrect, income is 'guestimated' downwards considerably and whether or not I own a TV may or may not be legible. Number of rooms in the house is also complete bullshit. Yes, I filled it in myself.

    I had a good look at the questions. There are no questions there that they could NOT derive by other means. They already know where you stay from your rates bill. They already know what you earn from your bank statements and can see if you are paying for DSTV etc. You are already FICA'ed and RICA'ed and PAYE'ed and LICENSING DEPARTMENT'ed etc. etc. etc.

    I think that while it is INVASIVE, I have better things to do than sit around in court or going to jail or paying 10K I don't have. Anyway, I have a policy of moving after each census. I rent my house so it is water off a ducks back... Working in Jo'Burg means I have a choice of 6 towns and cities within 30 minutes drive plus a million suburbs in and around Jo'Burg to stay in. Good luck tracking me down StatsSA...

    Don't sweat the small stuff. We all know they DO get access to it as StatsSA is a cadre deployed government department, like all the rest will do the parties will when the time comes.

  2. I had to comment when I read this article. My husband and I didn't get counted. Some other people I know didn't get counted. We're white, with no or very little income. No one is coming after us to force us to get counted. I pointed out to one of the people I know that didn't get counted that we are "Bad stats. We'll pull down the rating of white people which is what the ANC don't want."
    We didn't kick up a fuss or anything about not being counted, no one bothered to count us.

    At the same time, I heard that some of the questions being asked - well, you had to wonder why they were in the census. Things like "do you have a cellphone?" I heard was being asked. There is a big difference between someone with an iPhone or Blackberry as apposed to someone with one of those R100 basics. On the bus, I never seem to see those R100 basics. A lot of Blackberrys. And a TV? Not sure about that one either.

    I don't understand why they don't use data like SARS submissions or something. Sending casual workers into people's houses finding out about how many electronic gadgets they have and how often they leave the house empty for more than seven days is asking for trouble.

    Just looking over my post is making me realize what a bad stat I was for the ANC anyway. No TV, no car, very low income, never leave the house for holidays...

  3. You people love complaining. Go ahead, you try run a government, tell me how easy it is...Actually to be more realistic, sit down and right up how you would structure government? You wouldn't know where to start. You point out little things instead of focusing on the bigger picture. The stats are required for various purposes (measuring government performance, creating policies, attending to service delivery shortfalls etc)...of course not everybody can be counted but if you are even half educated you will know that when research is done, you take a sample of the population and use them as a basic representative model of the entire population. Yet you choose to focus on ANC and their lacklustre PR. This is not a black or white thing but the matter is as simple as black and white.

    Mr.Tohellwithyou Stopcomplaining Dosomething the 3rd