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Wikileaks proves Mike Smith was right about the FF+ in 2009

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wikileaks proves Mike Smith was right about the FF+ in 2009

By Mike Smith
12th of September 2011

In 2009 I said on the SA Sucks blog that I was not going to vote in the General election. I was of the opinion that there were no parties that catered for white people. Every single one in its manifesto proudly proclaimed how they were non-racial, etc.

What a load of nonsense. How can anybody ignore the elephant in the room or pretend it is not there? Politics in SA has always been, and will always be nothing but racial.

Anybody pretending anything else is dreaming and living a delusional lie and is removed from reality...therefore cannot be taken seriously.

There are some more realities about SA politics that people choose to ignore. One is demographics. Whites are outnumbered 10:1 and politically disarmed in a “one-man-one-vote” tyranny of the majority, aka a “Democrazy”.

Therefore another elephant is being ignored. For whites to have any political impact in SA they have one of three options:

1. Breed more and become the majority
2. Reduce the numbers of the black opponents
3. Concentrate in one geographical area where they are the majority.
Now which one do you think is the best option? Which one will bring the quickest results and which one will be the most humane?

Nevertheless, back in 2009, the last party I was going to vote for would have been the Freedom Front Plus. They did not even support a Volkstaat at the time.

At the time the FF+ members and voters all slagged me off about how my vote will be wasted, etc. I did not care what others said about me or my convictions the next day. I knew I was right and they were all wrong. I also knew that I was not alone, because there were others who are good friends of mine who felt exactly the same.

Then came the vote and two days after the results, Dr. Pieter Mulder, the leader of the FF+, accepted a post in Jacob Zuma’s ANC government as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries.

Sorry, but one does not accept such a position on the spur of the moment within two days. It must have been discussed and negotiated beforehand, but Dr. Mulder kept it all quiet, because he knew that if his voters and followers knew about him negotiating with the ANC, they would not have voted for him.

At the time I wrote an article called
And this one goes out to all the fucktards who voted for the Freedom Front Plus

Now it has surfaced in Die Burger that a Wikileaks cable between an American diplomat (CIA spy) and Mrs. Hillary Clinton (minister of Foreign Affairs) stated that Dr. Mulder wanted to form a coalition with the ANC as far back as April 2009. Jacob Zuma at the time was courting the Afrikaners. His tactic was that if the ANC did not achieve a two thirds majority, they could then use the Afrikaners and the FF+ coalition to achieve that two thirds majority and basically do what they want, even change the constitution to get rid of all Afrikaners and their language.

See where your vote for the FF+ would have ended up? It would have been a vote for the ANC...Exactly like the NP votes in 2004 ended up being votes for the ANC and Martinus van Schalkwyk joined the ANC for a minister’s post in tourism.

Mulder’s best friend, Prof Dirk KotzĂ© of Unisa was the one who told the diplomat that “Mulder would immediately join such a coalition if he knew he could get away with it...”

Not only were the FF+ voters kept in the dark and taken for a ride before and during the 2009 elections, but also all the volunteers who assisted them for hours at the voting stations were suckered by Pieter Mulder. His father who was a decent man and almost became prime minister after John Voster is probably spinning in his grave today..

Do you think the FF+ leader Pieter Mulder cares or bats a single eyelid today? No he sleeps well after a hard day’s driving around in his Q-Class Audi, sponsored by the ANC.

See, it works like this...

40-50 years ago we still had “Politicians” in South Africa that one could respect. These were educated men of outstanding character to the left and to the right who stood firm on their convictions. It does not matter if you agreed with them or not, but there were men like Dr. D.F. Malan, J.G. Strijdom, Sir de Villiers Graaff, Jan Smuts, H.F. Verwoerd, etc...These were men who would go onto a stage and they would convey their beliefs and convictions to the world with passion and honesty...and most importantly...bugger-off with what the newspapers had to say about them the next day, because in their hearts they believed in their convictions and believed they were right.

But look at these political clowns we have today. They all have agents, personal hairdressers, fashion consultants, image consultants, speech writers, etc...What you end up with on the stage and television is not a politician’s is a Kasper the Puppet who cares nothing for his people and only looks after his own pocket. Sorry, but these political whores make me simply want to vomit...and the people who vote for them even more so.

Nevertheless, read the “Die Burger” report here, If you can understand Afrikaans
Mulder ‘wou alliansie met ANC vorm voor verkiesing’

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  1. I don't know if it is just the love of money or what exactly but it looks like it is as though it is every man for himself. This is human though. Its sad, but most people only care about themselves and very little about those around them...
    I think the more dire the situation gets the more people will start to work together against the blacks, but it looks like this process is quite slow. Slow enough to be non effective in the end.