Friday, September 9, 2011

South Africa is bleeding again


by Zixolisile

In 2009, the majority of South Africans once again gave the ANC the mandate through their votes to effectively manage the country’s resources not only to overcome the country’s socioeconomic challenges but also to create an enabling environment for future leaders and generations to successfully achieve the country’s vision of a non-racial coherence and prosperity.

It is clear that what sustains us today as a nation was first preserved for us by those who underwent very painful conditions of racial intolerance, hatred and oppression.

Some were forced into exile while others were detained, and a handful having sacrificed their lives for the sake of what we can call today “a rainbow nation”.

Young, white youth were forced to engage in a war not of their own making and were brainwashed with hatred for black people who demanded nothing more than racial coalescence and fruitful co-existence as a nation with the sole conscience of respect for humanity.

Our country’s negotiated war has proved this assertion.

Also, these white young persons had their lives to sacrifice to defend what was touted to them as “total strategy against total onslaught!” Some of them never made it back home from the borders and also those who went into exile to swell the ranks of anti-apartheid forces also suffered casualties.

Our beloved country was bleeding! But in the final end, a negotiated settlement was successfully achieved.

But our beloved country is bleeding again today from new wounds, which are caused by the precedence which the ANC’s Polokwane conference in 2007 has set as a path to be travelled by everyone under the cloak of revitalising the “alliance mission”.

The conference gave birth to lawlessness among the ruling alliance politicians where the ANC Youth League is at the centre stage with no respect for the nation as a whole.

The whole system of governance in South Africa is on the verge of collapse and the only symbol of patriotism visible today is in the person of the Public Protector, Advocate Thuli Madonsela.

She is the epitome of the love of the nation by an individual who is prepared to go to the gallows for the sake of ensuring that what our black and white brothers died for remains important in our day-to-day activities as a nation.

The rest remains fateful with police commissioners leaving dark clouds in a row in this noble and respectful office, parliament speakers are also serving as stalwarts of national gambling entities and you ask yourself the question as to how does he manage parliamentary business if he is a leading gambler at the same time?

Maybe it is his bonus for the 30 years he spent in luxury in exile. The Polokwane conference has clearly transformed the South African Liberation Struggle from a People’s Revolution into a billionaires’ political circus!

Tenders, sushi and cigar clubs are what define the political Johnny Boys of our age. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Democracy proves to be a mystery for Africans. They lack wisdom to implement it.

The whole continent is still struggling to come up with a fully democratic state.

Lets look at South Africa
1. The intellectual society has died because the country is led by the illiterate.

2. Cadre deployment continues to parasite on the taxpayer’s sweat as deployees have neither experience nor expertise.

3. There is absolutely no politicking except to settle scores by purging the unwanted and grudges continue to replace diplomacy.

4. Rewards for senior comrades have replaced service delivery, resulting in crippling strikes.

5. Morals have become a thing of the past as youth leaders are rude, and adultery characterises political and business meetings.

6. There is no distinction between the ruling party and the state (black aristocrats). Referendum was buried long ago.

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