Thursday, September 1, 2011

Malema 1 - Zuma 0

Thu 1 Sep 2011

by Shane

So all that has been proved in the so called "hearing" against Malema and his cronies is that the ANC has no power over them and that they fear Malema and his cronies!! Well Mr Zuma you may as well throw in the towel!! There is no bouncing back from this!! You tucked your tail between your legs and ran away because you did not even have the balls to be present when the ANC took on Julius!! They burned pictures of you in the street Mr Zuma!! And you did nothing! And all the people who are supposed to have your back - well they did nothing as well!! Your goose is cooked!! Better you eat it while you can because soon you will be in shit street along with the rest of us.
I hope that the rest of South Africa realizes that along with this victory for Julius comes the fact that all the crazy rhetoric he spouts on a daily basis will eventually become facts of life in this now doomed country!! Nationalization of mines and banks, regime change for Botswana and of course shooting of as many Boers as possible!! All these things are now almost certainly going to take place simply because our so called leaders don't have the balls to take action against this little self styled dictator in the making!! Other countries will now stop investing in our country and our future because of Malema, leaving us in in the same or worse condition as Zimbabwe.
What will you do Julius when you have gotten rid of all the Boers? When all the intelligent people have left the country and taken their skills with them? When your only real source of income has left the country and left you holding the bag? South Africa will become another Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia, or any one of dozens of African countries that begs from the international community just to stay alive. In my opinion you are like a rabid dog and should be taken outside and shot for the good of everyone else! Look around you there is no such thing as an African country that is successful in any way at all without white people to pay the bills and maintain the country, I am not a racist but history does not lie? Do you really think all your followers will be dancing in the streets chanting your name when they are starving? No they wont they will be rampaging and baying for your blood and I for one will be toasting them and wishing them happy hunting!!
You know I actually agree with you - all the whites should pack up and leave, head back to Europe and America and as the last one leaves he should put off the lights and lock the door so that hunger and aids can do what they are meant to do - solve the worlds population crises!! And a couple of decades from now we will return to colonize Africa, but this time we will not force our religion, lifestyle, education or medical care on you, no this time we will know better and leave you in the bush where you belong!!

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