Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Wed 17 Aug 2011
By Shane
Why is it that the ANC government has a different set of rules for blacks and whites?
I have a large back garden, so why is that I cant go and collect all these destitute whites and let them build some sort of shelters in my back yard? I will happily share my water and electricity with them? At least if they are squatting in my back yard I can make sure they are warm and fed and safe from the criminals that would prey on them? Make sure that their children remain healthy?? Because that would be illegal and in very short order I would get a demand from the government to brake down said shacks or find myself being arrested? And if I don't break them down fast enough they will come and do it for me! If I were to question these actions I would be informed of zoning laws and all sorts of municipal by laws that prevent me from doing this sort of thing!
So where are all these zoning laws and municipal by laws when the destitute black people decide to put up shacks in the same area and just live where they please?? Do the laws not apply to them because they are black? It seems that way does it not? If I collect all the white people who are having a hard time keeping up with the petrol price in my combi and take them to work - will I be allowed to pay less at the toll gates or will I still have to pay full price unlike the black owned mini bus taxi's? If I bring you a young man who needs work will you take into consideration that he grew up in the new South Africa and never benefited from apartheid in any way at all and should therefore be exempt from affirmative action, will you employ him or will you punish him simply because he is white?
Do you even realize that the older white generation is rapidly heading for retirement age and those are the people who's tax money supports this country, and the younger white generation are packing up and leaving because they are tired of their hard earned education being taken for granted! And the world at large are only to happy to offer them good money and careers because they know these are hard working tax paying people.
If you take the rate of decline in this country into consideration in fields like health care and education then it is plain to see what is going to happen to this country when the white taxes start to get less and less? Banana republic springs to mind? Can you imagine if we started a union for white people and decided to strike because of the unfair conditions we are working under? There wont be rubbish in the streets, we wont damage other people's property? The economy will however collapse! But then that is not how we were raised - we believe in hard work and that nothing in life is free. Yet another reason why we are so attractive to other countries.
So nobody is asking you to hand the country over to the whites, all we ask is that you govern it fairly, because the future at this point looks bleak - just ask your friend Mugabe how well his people are doing without the whites?

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