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The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade

By Mike Smith
2nd of August 2011

Since 1994 when the Marxist Terrorist regime came to power in South Africa, the public were split on a certain issue, that of us becoming a second Zimbabwe.

There was always a tiny minority pointing out the obvious signs and parallels with what happened in Zimbabwe and on the other hand a vast majority saying that it would never happen in South Africa.

Today the question is not anymore if it can happen in South Africa, but how far are we away from it?

There will still be the deniers, making it off as scaremongering, sensationalism or conspiracy theories...

When the 140 km Berlin Wall was erected around West Berlin by the East German GDR it did not happen instantaneously. The inner German fence separating East from West Germany started in the 1950’s. On the 15th of June 1961 a reporter asked General Secretary Walter Ulbricht if the fence would run past the Brandenburg Gate. Ulbricht told him; “Nobody has the intention to build any wall”…A month and a half later the fence came up.

The first concrete blocks were put down four days later, but the wall was only completed much later.

The reason was to stop the defections and brain drain from East Germany to West Germany, but according to the Communist GDR it was an “Anti Fascists Protection Wall” that protected the poor East Germans from the evil fascist West… And some people believed this junk…

In the beginning many people could defect to the West across the main “Inner German Border”. In Berlin in 1961 it was only a barbed wire barricade that could easily be overrun by an angry mob. Yet people stayed. 17 million Germans would eventually be trapped in a Communist prison where all freedom would disappear in a secret police state run by the Stasi.

Every third person became a Stasi informer. The GDR was a real life hell-hole with no privacy, disappearances of thousands of people without a trace, restrictions on every conceivable freedom from the freedom to move around to the freedom to speak or even to think. Everybody just wanted to get away, but anybody trying to escape was summarily shot dead.

Why would the people stay and not try to escape, especially in the beginning when they could? It is a mindset I struggle to understand.

When the bricks were laid one on top of the other and people saw the wall get higher and higher, why did they not escape? When Ida Siekmann fell to her death trying to escape by jumping out of her apartment, when Günter Litfin was shot dead swimming across the Spree River to escape, why did the people not see the writing on the wall? Why do people seem to live in denial of evil even when it knocks them directly in the face?

In South Africa, despite thousands of white farmers killed since 1994 and many more whites raped, barbarically tortured and executed by blacks, many whites are still in denial that this is a murderous war and slow genocide waged on whites by blacks. Despite all the evidence rubbed under their noses and shoved in their faces, they simply refuse to believe the truth.

So how far are we from Zimbabwe style invasions of white farms by black paramilitary forces? Not far if one looks at the evidence and the parallels.

In Zimbabwe (2001), Robert Mugabe trained youth soldiers between 10 and 30 years old. Giving military training to anybody younger than 18 years is prohibited by the Geneva Convention and considered a child soldier.

Nevertheless, these youth soldiers became known as the National Youth Services, dubbed “The Green Bombers” because of the military uniforms they wore.

Solidarity Peace Trust (SPT) reported back then that the Zimbabwe government told the press that the training of the youths was “allegedly aimed at skills enhancement, patriotism and moral education”

It started with voluntary basic training and Mugabe then made it unofficial compulsory national service of two years.

Further, the SPT reported
“In contradiction of claims that the training would not aim at imparting military skills, military drills including weapons training are shown to have been major elements of youth training since the first youth intakes during 2001.”
These youths were guilty of murder, torture, rape, voter intimidation, destruction of property, attacks on businesses, disruption of opposition MDC rallies and ultimately invasions of white owned farms, killing farmers and their families and chasing them off their land.

The SPT further reported that the youths had the protection of the police and military to do what they wanted…

“The militia have an ambivalent relationship with law enforcing agencies including the army and police. On the whole, the youth militia have impunity, often working under the direction of war veterans and alongside government agencies in their illegal activities. They are seldom arrested or prevented from breaking the law.”

There were also reports of large scale sexual abuse inside these training camps; Youngsters raping each other as well as the instructors raping the youngsters.

Just like Mugabe founded the National Youth Services to aid with “Land Reform” in rural areas, the ANC founded the National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) under the guidance of the Ministry of Rural Development and the Ministry of Defense.

Look at the names…it is almost identical to what Mugabe has.

Just like Mugabe, it started with voluntary basic training of seven weeks and then advanced training up to two years.

As I said in a previous report
8000 members of the ANC Youth League and the Young Communist League will be trained at Saldanha and Bloemfontein (De Brug) military bases. The ANC denied that they will be receiving military training; instead they will be receiving training in “Life Skills”, “Artisanship”, “Patriotism” and “Discipline”…

This is exactly what Mugabe said of the NYS or “Green Bombers” in 2001.

Recently, a Green Bomber was quoted in the local papers as saying,
“We’re ZANU PF’s ‘B’ team. The army is the ‘A’ team, and we do the things government does not want the ‘A’ team to do.”
This is exactly what I said in my previous post. The army and police will not do the fighting so much. They will assist and protect the youths to viciously slaughter the whites.

Let there be no doubt or any illusions as to what the ANC’s plans are with the 8000 Narysec youths they are currently training. They are training them to steal white farms, to chase the white owners off or brutally rape, torture and kill them.

Those who have said Zimbabwe will never happen to South Africa should now take note of what the ANC Marxist scum are doing.

Remember that the ANC moves by deception and when these deceptions are exposed their plans become half as effective.

The time has come to put defense structures in place. The time has come to train every man, woman, child and dog alike. The time has come to plan and put contingencies in place. The time has come to warn others, to organize, to talk, to spread the word, to stock up…The time for the whites’ last stand on the African continent has arrived…

Stay strong. Remember there was a time when we were also youths…

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Mugabe inspecting the Green Bombers at a Passing out parade

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