Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bank Robber Escapes - Again!!


Bongani Moyo

The escape of an alleged bank robber from the Pretoria Regional Court makes a mockery of the police.

Bongani Moyo, who has allegedly been linked to more than 30 bank robberies, escaped on Wednesday.

This was his second escape this year. In March, he escaped from Boksburg Prison.

He was on crutches at the time of his second escape and was not locked in a cell or wearing shackles.  He was sitting between courts 16 and 17 and escaped through Court 16.

Why was Moyo was left unattended and who was responsible for him?

Why was he was not handcuffed, taking into account his previous escape?

It was embarrassing that police seemed not to understand the importance of ensuring that a criminal of Moyo's calibre should be securely escorted to court.

Police had not made progress in finding Moyo.


Luckily he isn't an alleged right winger else even the car guard would be looking out for him

No shackles ?, no gaurds ?.... oh I forgot hes not white

What a JOKE...

He ascaped on crutches...
I smell a rat...

These boeties look after each other. Bet he is a relative of one of the court orderlies.

After 30 odd bank robberies he had plenty to buy his freedom. He didnt escape, he was let free

Only a man on crutches could deliver such a crippling blow to that SAPS' reputation

Get rid of this currupt government and stop bee, and aa in the police and you might get some honest cops, not the sh1t we have now. Even the top cop is a piece of turd that should be flushed.

Some of the Cops I have seen lately are so fat carrying not one but three arses, there is not a chance in hell they would catch him ...and why would they want to ..they have their money already!!

Cele has so much to answer to these days..guess nothing will happen here either...????

Rot starts at the core. SAP is dirty from Don Cele all the way down. This guy bought his freedom through a willing and corrupt police force.

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