Friday, July 29, 2011

Whites 'not planning a coup'


by Steven Gains

In response to the recent article on Land distribution will happen, I believe it is only fair to respond in kind on behalf of not just all white South Africans, but on behalf of all people who are concerned (including myself) about the way the article came across.

It is truly mind-blowing that a person can perpetuate such real hatred, showing no remorse throughout his attack on white people. Whether it was a ploy to defend the sudden surge of negative publicity towards ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema or perhaps a very personal agenda filled with accusatory statements towards white farmers and their treatment (alleged) of their black workers, it remains a dangerous article and opinion all in one.

Over the last 17 years, this country is hovering on the edge of full racial divide still, because of obvious radicalism being driven by especially the ANCYL leader in his insistence in singing a detrimental song towards white farmers and his proposed nationalisation of Mines and Banks. Add to that the forced lowering of education standards, wide-spread corruption in government and parastatals, nepotism, xenophobia, vigilantism, common abuse of the justice system, the removal of the death sentence, the ongoing strikes holding the country for ransom…and more, and let’s face it, we have a very unhealthy country in general terms.
Then to rub salt in the these national wounds, here comes this individual writing statements which are not researched, based on hearsay and far from correct, creating just one more reason to keep the national divide firmly in its place, this all midst the TRUE fact that most white people in South Africa have made a consistent effort to bend over backwards to for lack of a better word, adjust to the new South Africa.
I would like to help the writer with some information which could be helpful to his research. There is no military style coup planned by whites in South Africa. There are no plans to overthrow the government. There are, however, white South African groups that do get together to discuss, not in secret, the very realistic need to protect farming communities. There are also groups who have put in place emergency systems to in the extreme case of land-grabs, have some recourse in allocating places of safety for affected communities.

Now it sounds like I am telling secrets here, but based on the propaganda of nationalising major industries and land re-distribution without compensation, some form of "survival" system needs to be in place. It may never come to fruition but even the faint possibility of anarchy leading to the forced removal of farmers off their properties needs to be observed in earnest. Granted, there are always extremes on both sides of the racial fence, and there are some radical white extremists left in South Africa, but let me make this very clear to all South Africans: These radical Afrikaner people is a very small group.

MOST white South Africans, including the Afrikaans speaking “boere” are going to real effort to reverse the popular Apartheid from the past. However, in defence of this minority, I have to bring “our” perspective to your attention. We are and will remain South Africans. We were born here and we come from generations of South Africans. Calling us oppressors and white capitalists and “boere” and whatever tag you want to hang around our necks, doesn’t change the fact that we are South Africans.
I have never denied some of the injustices of the past, but the thought of farmers being killed because they are white, with the added pressure now in the form of possible land “re-distribution” without compensation, and this government and it’s promoters of violent means to “regain” or re-claim “their” people’s land makes for a recipe which will end in disaster. I would like to assure Mr Xiphorisane that this is NOT Zimbabwe, and when a family, man or woman have been working on a farm they own for generations, they will not surrender it without due negotiation - including FAIR compensation.

Nowhere in the constitution is there space for despotic-style rule, with groups of (to quote Malema) “liberated revolutionaries” to just come onto my or anyone else’s farm and take it over, sent there by the leader of what is supposed to be the new free democracy in this country.

I therefore challenge the words, “land distribution will happen” which the writer of the article in question wrote by the following response (or perhaps ‘retort’ on some level). Do not underestimate the power of our constitution to govern your words and actions if you decide to implement them, individually or as a collective.

Do not underestimate the readiness of people to utilise the constitution in a court of law to make sure their land doesn’t get “taken” from them, but most of all – please DO NOT make the mistake of thinking they will bow their heads and quietly leave everything they worked for behind. Afrikaners in the new South Africa and white people in this country will not be chased out of this country or off their property without defending it, with vigour and tenacity.
I hope I speak for all white South Africans when I say it is time that radical black South Africans realise some of us white folk isn’t going anywhere soon...get used to it after nearly two decades please!

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