Tuesday, June 28, 2011

White Population is Being Rapidly Disarmed

South Africa's besieged white population is being rapidly disarmed of their 1,2-million legal weapons. 

Late Last year the ANC-Communist regime suddenly announced a change in the firearms registration act, demanding that all the legal guns be re-registered.

Only 43,000 of the more than 1,2-million (according to Afriforum) and/or 880,000 (according to the police minister) re-applications which were admitted have thus far been approved.

And the remaining applications are stacked up in the corners of the administrative office, waiting to be examined by the July 31 2011 deadline.

The results are horrific: many people whose re-applications for their legal weapons are still sitting inside those stacks somewhere, find themselves being raided by massive police raids amidst a blaze of publicity. These families' so named 'illegal gun-caches' are then confiscated and the owners branded as 'criminals' in trials-by-media, with the minister of police posing next to the 'illegal caches' in pre-announced press conferences.The families invariably are named and shamed publicly before they have even been charged in a court of law.

In one instance, a well-known Afrikaner gunsmith - whose guns were all legally-registered while he repaired them for their owners - was shot dead after a siege of his farm house by a large contingent of cops.

He died with two bullets, fired into his back between his shoulder-blades. 

Police claim he 'committed suicide with a handgun and a shotgun'.

If they are lucky, the raided families survive: but they are often thrown into police jails and subjected to public humilation.

All this is being done while the untold many-millions of illegal criminal gun of choice: AK47s and other illegal weapons imported from the Peoples' Republic of China stay in criminal hands.

For who would do dare to disarm these powerful warlord-ruled gangs? There is growing evidence that many police-officers form an integral part of the local criminal structures: they often also supply military- and police guns, and police-cars for the gangs to carry out their raids with.
The ANC/Communist Party leadership has thus far shown little willingness to disarm these dangerous, very large gangs in any kind of public display they reserve for the legal white gunowners and their families.

Gun-owning white families say that their applications are being turned down haphazardly: without any proper examination as required under the firearms-act - because the local police stations are rushing to make deadline.

Afriforum said in a statement that the police-minister doesn't know exactly how many weapon-registrations are being processed: that department is in a chaotic shambles and the small number of workers are untrained and unable to handle the massive workload.

The legal owners now are required to register their guns at local police-stations instead of at the central firearms-registry.

The police claim that 880,000 re-registration applications were received - however Volgens die organisasie is 1,2 miljoen aansoeke ingedien. AfriForum en die TLU SA het ’n hofaansoek ingedien dat die Vuurwapenwet in geheel ongrondwetlik verklaar en ter syde gestel moet word.

However the police minister doesn't know the exact details: Beeld newspaper showed photographs which graphically illustrate the chaos: with hundreds of thousands of firearms-registration forms stacked up against the wall: they hadn't even been looked at yet.

Mr Nell said it is very worrying that a full half of all the 'reregistration' applications are being turned down, and 90% are again turned down on appeal.
So white families are increasingly forced to hand over the only self-defence weapons and ammunition which they still could use legally against the country's many tens of thousands of criminal gangs who are turning the farms, streets, homes and businesses into war-zones.

Attorney and firearm-specialist George Nell described the entire process as 'alarming'.The civil-rights group AfriForum and the Transvaal Agricultural Union have submitted a combined court-application asking that the firearm-registration act be declared unconstitutional.

"The firearms-registration act is being administered. Nell said 'the change in the firearms-registration act indicates that this law with not stand the test of time.'

The act was poorly designed. It was slanted towards 'pessimism' because the administrative personnel are not capable of handling the huge flood of sudden applications, and so cannot handle them with due diligence to detail, as required.'

He proposed that the deadline by extended for at least a year so that 'the proper training can be given to the administrative personnel, and the administrative shortages are corrected.



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  1. To hell with the law. Only registered lawful gun owners get raided, so get an unregistered AK47 just like the gangsters. How difficult is that?

    Afrikaners need 3 things to survive:
    (1) Lots of Bibles
    (2) Lots of AK47s
    (3) Lots and lots of CHILDREN!

    All other considerations are irrelevant.