Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take Back Land Without Paying

Jun 14 2011

South Africans must take back the land that belongs to them without having to pay for it, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said in Cape Town on Tuesday.

"Willing buyer, willing seller is not an alternative...  

The alternative from the youth league is that we take the land without paying. 

 That is what we are proposing," he told the league's provincial council at the University of the Western Cape.

While blacks had forgiven the previous regime for apartheid, he did not understand why they had to pay for what belonged to them.

"They never bought the land, they stole the land. They did not only steal the land, they converted the owners of the land into slaves... now we must pay for that with the willing buyer, willing seller... ."

At the rate the land redistribution programme was currently going, in 100 years the government would only have delivered 25% of the land, he argued.

He was speaking ahead of the league's 24th national congress, which would start in Midrand on Thursday. Delegates were expected to push for the nationalisation of the mines and land redistribution.

 Mr Malema - you are a Sotho - you come from a VERY small tribe, if you learned your history you would know that you were chased away by the Xhosa and Zulu tribes - so if I were you I would rather be glad that I do have a piece of land that somebody is not going to chase me away on!

Fantastic news!! Now I don't need to keep paying the bond on my house anymore. Anyway i'm off to the ATM down the road so I can draw a whole lot of cash with the special card that only whites have, so i can have a really great party.

Malema cousin's tender ripoff. (On this same paper...)Is this thief taking back? Taking back what did not belong to you? The KhoiSan were hunter-gatherers, never "owned" the land. You guys came later and sold slaves, like all the others, or we don't know? You want more Mercedes, BMW's, mansions in Sandton, like your mentors Mugabe and Gaddafi, that's what you want! We know you so well it's uncanny, you fool...

Fine...and all the improvements, buildings, tilled land, cleared of rocks and trees...we'll turn it all back to that, then give it back..Like everyone giving North America back to the Indians in it's original state.....and when you are starving or living in caves.. then who will you blame???...Still an enemy of the people....Moron!!

When will people stop thinking that they have a "right" to own things simply because of the colour of their skins?
All aboard the Zimbabwe express...

Malema, take a lesson from Zimbabwe and see what happens to a country that is ruled in such a manner. It's people suffer and ultimately the country dies in poverty.

I believe your forefathers SOLD the land to the Boere for a few cows, after chasing OTHER tribes off the land...

Malema, Zuma, Kunene, all the tenderpreneurs...all thieves, stealing from the poor and the ignorant...only because they can and think to get away with it.....Pathetic...and you wonder why the rest of the world looks at Africa as a land of no future, just a place to take the resources out.....really sad....

So... Any more questions why we should stay in South Africa? Zuma backs him... The ANC backs him... And that my friends... Is about 70% of South Africans... And I don't want to be part of this circus anymore... South Africa is a criminal state...

mental midget, maybe africa should start repaying the west for all the food, medicine, education and infrastructure the west gave them for free, africa is a burden on the world, they don't want to earn anything, least of all respect, i say we leave them to their fate, let them starve on fertile agricultural land, they will still blame us but hey by this time we're used to it ...

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