Friday, June 17, 2011

The Scandal Factory....

Fri 17 Jun 2011

And then some.....

I was asked a while back by a friend of mine, why I have so little faith in the ANC and its leadership.

To be honest it would have been easy to toss out a few glib observations regarding the manifest failings of the onetime liberation movement. They are, after all, neither difficult to spot nor especially hard to track down.

Yet it is not necessarily their abject failure in such fields as Healthcare and Education that came easily to mind.

On the contrary, if I had to be dead honest about all that so deeply troubles me about the ruling party?

Top of the list would be leadership and accountability, or the singular lack thereof. Take your pick.

Below are just a few of the reasons why the ANC will battle with the sceptics, no matter how many adverts Manyi flights using your money.

Richard Mdluli (Former Crime Intelligence boss on trial for a 1999 murder. Prior to this he had allegedly commissioned a report fingering Bheki Cele in tender fraud committed in KZN. Chances of a conviction before he spills the beans? Not likely, I smell a plea bargain, a large broom and a carpet coming with this one)

Bheki Cele (Involved in two highly irregular leases for new police headquarters in Pretoria and Durban. The Public Protector released her report which strongly suggests malfeasance on his part, along with flouting tender procedures and rules. To date, he remains untouched by the scandal and seemingly bullet proof)

Sheryl Cwele (Convicted drug smuggler and estranged wife of State Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele. Quite how this all happened under his nose, beggars belief. None the less, he remains in charge and in all probability, will not be adversely affected by the actions of his wife)

Sicelo Shiceka (Currently under investigation for serious abuse of public funds in respect of air travel and accommodation expenses. Chances of a criminal prosecution? Slim to none. Chances of redeployment when the dust settles? Pretty good. Ambassador to Switzerland, perhaps?)

Tony Yengeni (Convicted fraudster and Member of Parliament, spent a paltry 5 months in prison out of a 4 year sentence. Subsequently caught driving under the influence. Charges dropped amidst alleged tampering with the police docket)

Jacob Zuma (Will be forever tainted by the charges that he so deftly and cynically managed to evade. No one with half a brain believes that it was all an elaborate political plot to thwart his ambitions. Having eschewed his day in court, he will forever remain as “the one that got away” in the eyes of the world at large)

Julius Malema (Black Nationalist, ANCYL leader and an out and out racist. He is allowed to embark on one rampage after another without any censure from the parent body whatsoever. He will, if allowed to continue unchecked, single handedly reduce this country to a desolate wasteland. Given free rein, which he currently appears to have, Zimbabwe will start looking like the Promised Land. At present the single biggest threat to our young democracy, bar none)

Jimmy Manyi (Another Nationalist and a racist of note. Which is why, I imagine, he has been installed as “Government Spokesperson”)

Sibusiso Buthelezi (Suspended for handing out tenders to friends and family whilst head of Public Works in Gauteng. Jack Bloom of the DA has been labelled “inhuman” by Gauteng Premier Nomvula Makonyane for suggesting that the ANC let him off too lightly. Fairly typical response from a cornered ANC bigwig. When in doubt, invoke racism or resort to personal attacks)

Shabir Shaik (Convicted fraudster. Also financial advisor and friend to Jacob Zuma. Sentenced in June 2005 to 15 years, he was controversially released on “medical” grounds in March 2009. Supposedly suffering from an, as yet undetermined, fatal illness. He continues to work on his golf handicap and his left hook, in addition to dodging the Grim Reaper)

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (Another convicted fraudster and former wife of South African icon, Nelson Mandela. She is also a sitting member of parliament, although her almost continual absence from sessions makes that a bit of a misnomer. In broad terms, she is virtually untouchable irrespective of what she does, however dodgy and illegal it may be. Ordinary rules and regulations do not in any way, shape or form, apply to her. I suspect she would have to start a small scale nuclear war before anyone in the ANC dared say a word. She is also something of a surrogate mother to Malema in addition to being an ardent supporter of his ruinous ideology)

This is unfortunately only picking at the scab of a festering wound. As a direct result of “Cadre deployment” and “Jobs for pals”, both of which permeate the ANC, the rot filters all the way down to municipal level.

Added to this toxic mix you have the manifest failings of AA, BEE, BBBEE and EE which are nothing more than Apartheid in reverse, and the beginnings of a failed state are clear to see. Social/Racial engineering didn’t work for the Nats, so quite why the ANC thinks it will work for them remains a mystery.

No overview would be complete without pointing out the single most destructive force at work in this country at present.

The ANCYL and the very, very dangerous Malema. He and his faithful band of followers are preaching a highly poisonous version of Communism / Black Fascism which, let’s face it, has never worked anywhere in the world, much less in Africa.

I see that Zuma, in his address to the League Conference has cautioned that the ANCYL must never be allowed to eclipse the ANC proper.

Wishful thinking President Zuma, the Genie is out of the bottle and you have neither the political will nor the means to put it back in again.

While Mbeki will have to live with the ghosts created by his foolish stance on HIV / AIDS, you will have to live with the sure knowledge that your craven desire for power, will ultimately result in the demise of a country that started out in ‘94 with so much promise.

Tic toc Mr Zuma.

Tic toc.

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