Sunday, June 19, 2011

Malema Warns ANC Leaders


ANC youth leader Julius Malema warned the ruling party's leaders on Sunday to "lead with the people" or face removal from office.
Malema was speaking about "white monopoly capital" being the "real enemy", at the closing ceremony of the African National Congress Youth League's conference in Midrand, Johannesburg, which re-elected him as leader.

"The real enemy is white monopoly capital. They are the ones we are fighting against.... it's not racism. It's written in every document of the ANC... transfer of power from minorities."

Malema called on delegates to "intensify" this struggle against white monopoly capital.

"There's nobody who is going to stand before us. Nobody is going to stand before this moving tree of economic freedom fighters.

"They want to change the material conditions of South Africa and they are not asking for permission," said Malema.

He said that if the "leadership of the ANC" did "not join us" then the masses would take over.

"If you are not careful, you will be led by the masses," said Malema.

"The ANC must lead the people. The ANC must lead with the people. We are asking for leadership.

"We don't want to remove anybody.

"We don't want to remove you."

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