Friday, June 24, 2011

In South Africa....

In South Africa a murder takes place every 26 minutes. 

This is more than 20,000 a year. 

More than 200,000 in the last ten years. 

In the same period, more than 8000 farm attacks perpetrated by blacks on white farmers and their families happened. 

More than 1500 white farmers have been brutally tortured and killed by blacks. This excludes the wives and children of these farmers who have also been raped, tortured and killed.

A woman or child is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa, more than 1,2 million a year or twelve million in ten years.

In the last two years alone, 30,000 cars were high-jacked and more than 350,000 burglaries took place.

91% of all these crimes are committed by blacks.

Blacks further ruin the economy by not paying for services. Municipalities are billions in arrears and it is expected of whites to carry these costs.

Consider further that there are monthly about 10,000 bankruptcies, 90,000 court orders and 142,000 summonses, then you start to realize how whites are suffering under racist black misrule.

50% of white farmers cannot economically survive anymore due to high labour costs from the minimum wage laws. Since 1990 five million jobs have been lost. Only 5% of matriculants find work whilst the ANC fat-cats on the gravy train steal billions from the taxpayers.

The most shocking statistics of it all is that 95% of all blacks at Barragwanath hospital are HIV positive. More than 500,000 blacks die every year due to the direct AIDS policies of the ANC regime…

…But the media chooses to make a show-trial out of four White Afrikaner students.

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