Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cruelty of the Noble Savage

The Cruelty of the Noble Savage; And you STILL ask us why we had Apartheid?

By Mike Smith
7th of June 2011

To many outsiders from South Africa and even people who have never lived through Apartheid it is maybe difficult today to understand why we had this system.

The history of black and white interaction in SA goes back hundreds of years. From the earliest days when the Voortrekkers were attacked by black tribes, they noticed how the blacks would often hack pieces of meat from the cattle of the Voortrekkers while the animals are still alive and standing.

The barbarity of blacks in South African is legendary. And when one observes what they do to their own people or even to animals, then one has to ask…”What are they going to do to us, one day when they get the opportunity?”

Well, they now have that opportunity. And we see the results.

These past few days just showed again the utter cruelty of the South African Noble Savage.

In this incident a black mother from Limpopo threw her 14 month old baby-girl in a pit toilet and burnt her out with papers. They reckon it was because she already had five children and did not know how she would look after the sixth one…Why have so many children then?

In this reporta black teenage mom partied the night away whilst her baby was being eaten alive by rats. Neighbours said they heard the baby cry in pain in the middle of the night. By morning the baby was found dead, covered in bloody rat bites.

Over the past weekend, blacks tied a female dog (Sharpei cross) to a fence with electric wire and set her alight…while she was still alive. When she was found by the SPCA (Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) she was standing as still as a statue, because it was too painful for her to move. Although her entire body was burnt, she was still alive. The SPCA euthanized her.

About the same time, Ventersburg (Freestate) police were involved in an act of animal cruelty. . Two cows were hit in a road accident and their legs were broken. The senior black police officer on the scene instructed his constables to drag the still alive cows behind their vehicles to the police station…so they could have a BBQ.

His name has not been released in the media, but he left the injured animals like that the whole night. People in the vicinity reported how they heard the animals cry throughout the night

When the SPCA found the animals the next morning they had severe drag marks on their bodies, broken bones and in excruciating pain. The SPCA put the animals down.

And that was just in the last few days...This shit happens daily in South Africa and is totaly under reported. What amazes me the most is that the South African liberal apologetics will still consider blacks the equals of whites, despite thousands of incidences and evidences that disproves any and all their theories.

They simply cannot see that blacks lack the compassion and benevolence to other human beings and animals that is so self evident in whites.

Any normal or sane person will be able to see that there is no way that one can class these primitive beings as equals. The only time we will become equals is if the whites willingly drop their standards and become primitives themselves. Personally I do not think it is possible. It is unnatural. Separation (Apartheid) is the only solution…as former Prime Minister of South Arica, John Vorster use to say…”The alternative is just too ghastly to comprehend”.

Below is a movie…It shows what blacks did to each other during Apartheid and what they did to themselves for the past 200,000 years.

Do not watch the movie if you are sensitive…But if you are interested in understanding why whites just had to have Apartheid then watch it. Open your eyes to the REAL Noble savage.


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