Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cape Town Toddler Killed by Dogs


A 2-year-old boy was mauled to death by dogs in Sweet Farm, Nyanga, on Tuesday, Cape Town police said.
Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said the child was playing outside his home when he was attacked by the dogs.
There were no further details available.
An inquest docket had been opened into the matter.


A little boy of three was mauled to death after a pack of dogs pulled him out of his home and ripped him to pieces. 

Now the angry community of Sweet Home Farm, near Philippi, are targeting every dog they can find. 

Some unsuspecting puppies were tossed on a train track and crushed by a passing train, while others were beaten to death with sticks or smashed with bricks. 

Even children joined in the bloody slaughter. 

The all-out war on dogs was sparked by the killing of the three-year-old Philasande Mbokotho. 

He and his older sister Philanathi, four, were playing in the lounge of their shack in Sweet Home Farm at about 9am on Tuesday morning when the dogs attacked. 

Their mom Yonela, 19, says she left the kids to play in the house while she went to a nearby toilet. 

“While I was away, my friend called to ask where I was because the child was being bitten,” says Yonela. 

She says she rushed back but by the time she got to her shack, it was too late. 

The young mom seemed dazed by the morning’s horrific events and clung tightly to her daughter Philanathi. 

Staring at the spot where her baby was killed, Yonela says: “He was a lot smaller than his sister. I didn’t think to close and lock the door because the children were playing inside the house.” 

Dark bloodstains mark the spot in the lounge where the little boy was first attacked. 

And a trail of blood shows how the animals dragged his tiny body out of the shack and into the yard. 

A neighbour who witnessed the vicious attack says her nine-year-old nephew had just left the shack and came running back within seconds. 

“He told me that he had seen some dogs biting a child,” says the young lady. 

“When I got there, I saw four dogs all over the boy. Some were biting his head and some were biting his bum.” 

The woman says she picked up some stones and threw them at the dogs hoping the animals would leave the boy alone. 

“But instead they turned and wanted to attack me,” she says. 

“So I picked up more stones and threw them at them again and when they came at me again, I called for helped.” 

But by the time they chased the dogs away, Philasande was dead. 

Once word spread through the community, angry mobs began hunting down stray dogs. 

“All the dogs have to go because we don’t know which ones will attack,” says a woman in the area. 

Just a few minutes earlier, a litter of puppies was placed on the train tracks and in the path of an oncoming train by angry people. 

The SPCA arrived soon after to save as many dogs as they could. 

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel AndrĂ© Traut says cops are investigating the incident. 

“A toddler boy was bitten and killed by dogs at his (home in) Sweet Home Farm in F section at 9.20am,” says Traut.
“Police are investigating a death inquest docket.”
This is the latest in a series of vicious dog attacks on the Cape Flats. 

In one incident, a five-year-old boy had to receive 16 stitches to his face after he was attacked by an unknown dog while eating peanuts in a Mitchell’s Plain street last week. 

Just a few weeks before Clayton Malgas’ attack, a disabled teenage boy had to undergo an operation after he was mauled. 

Damian Williams, 16, was bitten all over his face and body by pit bulls when he visited a friend in Mitchell’s Plain - the dogs, Xena and Zeus, were later put down. 

In another incident, two Rottweilers and three pit bulls ripped the skin off the face of Jonathan Wallace, 39, while he was trying to protect a woman and her children from the vicious canines. 


  1. how can they go around killing stray how evil and stupid when a child is murdered by humans i am sure the community doesant go around killing innocent people because people humans killed a child these people have got no brains

  2. I think it's about time that people like "that"should not be allowed to have animals as they clearly don't know how to look after them or even able to feed them!!!!!! I think they should be chased away into the bush where they belong!!

  3. this is so sad & disgusting, these dogs have clearly been neglected & I'm pretty sure they have been abused. I wouldn't be surprised if these dogs had been used in dog fights & the owners are the criminals because these animals are now been trained to be 'killers'. Any human who can partake in such activities as dog fights are sick & evil. Money is made by this to fuel their habits & these dogs would be lucky to be fed & taken care off. Humans are seen as the enemy, they are starved & can't show kindness as they have never recieved it from their human counterparts. My heart goes out to the child who was killed. The mother is stupid because any mother who leaves her children alone & doesn't think to lock the door, because the though that someone could rob them or worse, kidnap here children, is STUPID. All these people are stupid because killing these animals the way they have doesn't make better it makes it worse as it shows how cruelly they behave. This the community's fault & its all just so sad!

  4. What saddens me about many of the comments read regarding this horrible incident is the prominence of sympathy towards the stray dogs and JUDGEMENT and condemnation towards the mother and the community. Very few people have an idea of the circumstances that this young mother lives in. How would you feel if one of your loved ones was mauled by an animal while you had to watch him die? To value the life of an animal above a human being is telling of the lack of morality left in many societies today.

  5. Because they are stupid fucking south africans, and they love to kill.

  6. this did not answer my fucking question!!!!!!!!!!!!