Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burn a Tyre for Democracy


by The Third Wors

South Africa

I have come to the conclusion that I may be the only normal person on the planet...or, at the very least, one of an increasingly tiny group of orang-utan relatives that can do nothing more but stare in dismay at the forehead-slapping regularity with which the human race embarrasses itself.

You don’t have to venture far to encounter a prime example of prime-ape.

It starts in the morning with a non-judgemental, ever-hospitable, always-welcoming drive to work.

Within a 500 metres of your electrified gates and petrified dogs three unique individuals will cut in front of you, pass your car around a blind bend or stop dead for no apparent reason.

Within that very same 500 meters you’ve had time to listen to the morning news featuring a whole army of mindless freaks whom you would not trust to assemble a five-piece-puzzle but who, cunningly, find themselves in charge of spending our tax money.

Not only are the freaks fighting amongst themselves for seats in Coach One of the gravy train but they also fight everyone else who dare suggest that Coach One should not be funded by you and I.

Smug they sit at banquets of plenty, bankrolled by the South African public - the very same public that cannot make use of public hospitals, trust public education, enjoy functional public protection, bank on responsible public spending...people who do not know if the lights will stay on - people who live in fear of what hides in the darkness.

No wonder most of us have a strong alcohol dependency and a reliance on Facebook where we can complain about our lot to other equally bored souls with nothing useful to say.

Then we watch a video of mob-“justice”/xenophobic violence in Diepsloot where a Zimbabwean man is beaten to death by a cheering crowd, and we listen to interviews with brothers from the Cape who take joy in burning down Somali owned shops because, “they take our jobs and take our women”, and we reach for that bottle of overpriced anything wondering what the hell we did wrong to get stuck here between the wholly corrupt and their new Chinese masters.

Together we watch in disbelief as one senior police official after another is caught having rather suspect relations with unsavoury underworld characters, only for them to respond that they see nothing unusual about the “friendship”.

Nowhere any justice, hardly any common sense - and a government that wants to stop the media from reporting on the status quo.

We are fast regressing into a society of cave dwellers who cannot debate, cannot reason and cannot take responsibility for our actions. Far removed from any form of common decency we roam the streets, clubs in hand, ready to attack and degrade, to pillage and plunder to get what we want.

Gone the age of accountability. History the hope for a dignified nation.

Welcome then to the African century...let’s light a tyre in wild celebration. 

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