Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Woman Beaten By Police

May 24, 2011

An Eastern Cape woman was severely beaten up allegedly by police officers outside the East London Airport. 

 Lulama Feni, 34, said she was assaulted on Saturday evening and doctors at Frere Hospital told that her face had been fractured "numerous times", the Dispatch Online reported on Tuesday.

Feni said her pleas to the officers to stop only incited their anger. 

She said after the beating officers threw her in the back of the police van and took her to the Fleet Street Police Station. She claims officers continued to beat her upon their arrival. 

Feni was released yesterday morning but was back at the station to open a case of police brutality. 

When the Dispatch interviewed Feni yesterday outside the Fleet Street Police Station she could barely speak. 

She had deep cuts on both sides of her face and her eyes were swollen shut. 

"I am unable to walk properly and the blood does not stop flowing from my lips and nose," she said. 

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mtati Tana said the woman and her brother were arrested for fraud. 

"Circumstances are still not clear ... at this stage as to what happened. All we know is police were called to a complaint of fake R200 notes at a tavern," he said, adding that police were investigating further. 

However, Feni dismissed the charges and said she was on her way home with her boyfriend when they saw police officers arresting her brother-in-law. 

She said after trying to ask the officers why they were arresting her brother-in-law they became angry and started to "slap" him around. 

"I tried to intervene but I never even finished my question ? the police punched me in the face and I fell on the ground," she said. 

Police officers then reportedly kicked her until she stopped moving. 


  1. Sorry, Feni, I know how it feels, I was equally assaulted by 8 drunk police on duty in a train on 28/12/2011, really what is the criteria in recruiting some of these police, worse 90% of such police officers are CONSTABLES, there's a clarion call into this. A learner once said she called 10111 and the follow-up police proposed to her, I didn't believe till now. We need the help of the media to eliminate such police who are using that position as credentials raising their shoulders high on the very people they are recruited to protect. 0730646687

  2. I am in the police myself this is the 'new police' that is supposed to be representing the new SA they have no honour but do get promoted quickly! Once they have the uniform they’re boss and use the uniform for their own purpose. Go and look at stats... how many of the top and bottom structure are involved in crime who are they and why...this has a lot to with colour