Tuesday, May 31, 2011

R750 000 to Rent House


The public works department will spend about R750 000 to rent a house for Gauteng police commissioner Mzwandile Petros, The Star reported on Tuesday.

"Last month, the department hired Siyakula Logistics to provide a house at a cost of R31 042 a month, or R745 008 for the two-year contract," the newspaper wrote.

The award was listed in the Tender Bulletin on Friday and the cost was confirmed by department officials.

The state provided Petros with housing because he did not apply for the position, but was transferred from his previous position as Western Cape provincial commissioner.

He was appointed in Gauteng September of last year.

Housing tender

The Star reported that the housing tender, issued in March, called for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in or around Rosebank, Melrose, Oaklands, Dunkeld, Killarney, Morningside, Houghton, Illovo or Saxonwold.

It also called for the house to have electronic access control and a "solid perimeter wall with a minimum height of two metres" with an electric fence on top.

The acquisition of the house followed a report by the Gauteng department of infrastructure development, in which revealed it had 780 state-owned houses in the province.
One of these houses, in Bryanston, which was previously occupied by Mzwandile Kibi, deputy director-general of the department of infrastructure development, "appears to have all the features to accommodate Petros," The Star wrote.

The provincial government owned 826 state houses across six regions, but only 46 tenants had signed lease agreements.

In February, infrastructure development MEC Bheki Nkosi promised to act against those who were illegally occupying government houses.

"He issued a March deadline, but apparently has yet to act on his promise."


Guarantee you the house belongs to an ANC cadre! 

Prime example of corruption...why do the department have to hire a shipping logistics company to provide a house? I wonder how much of the rent is going into the back pocket mr Siyakula?!

anc -stop your wasteful ways. This is not a senior position. Any state house will do. This is why the anc is losing the vote . You are rip off artists with zero good intentions of doing a job. Your housing department should never have a mandate to go private ,especially when it is not a seniot job. WHY IS HE GETTING A HOUSE ANYWAY . BUY HIS OWN. I HOPE HE GETS TAXED ON THE FULL AMOUNT WHICH ADDS R372000 to his ridiculous package.

What makes this prick so special, he is a PUBLIC SERVANT and should be treated as such. Again we see the excess of the ANC and the waste of taxpayers money that should be used for uplifting the poor and service the country. They have hundreds of houses that would surfice. Why the additional security? if he did his job correctly then he would be a target, but for now he is the puppet and has no enemies!

Not really amased by this. Government issues mansions for government officials while poverty sits at the bottom of their list. Why he need the electric fencing etc. most probably comes down to the fact that he knows the the comunity and tax payers are being hard done to accomodate him. Pathetic! And everyone else in the country is expected to buy or rent their house with monthly income. 

When is this going to end? When the money dries up.

This is the free housing everyone voted for.......

Keep voting ANC people...you will keep voting for your children to be uneducated, for your health system to continue in the downward spiral it's already in and you'll keep living in shacks and having lower class income through blue collar jobs!!!

Exactly why does this house have to be in so-called elite areas? Is Millionaires row in Soweto not good enough?



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