Sunday, May 22, 2011

Queen of Empty Promises

04 March 2011

Lame duck premier - Premier Nomvula Mokonyane

"There are 9 484 accounts not paid to hospital suppliers amounting to more than R1 billion. And how are we going to create jobs when the government’s failure to pay hundreds of companies was forcing many of them out of business," said Bloom.

He further accused the premier of failing to sort out the Gauteng Shared Services Centre. 

"Last month hundreds of newly appointed doctors were not paid at the end of the month. You have failed to reopen the Kempton Park hospital despite your promise two years ago."

Bloom also reminded Mokonyane that she was known as the queen of empty promises when she was Housing MEC. "And so far, you are repeating that role as premier. 

A serious course correction is needed if that is not to be your political epitaph."

The predatory elite is still feasting on over-priced and irregular contracts

We all know that you are a lame duck premier, stuck within limits set by this predatory elite. 

That’s why we blundered into the Gautrain, the call-centre mess, the motorsport fiasco, the gross over-payment on security contracts, and now the toll road disaster that threatens the economic growth of this province," Bloom pointed out.

Democratic Alliance MPL Jack Bloom.

Mokonyane, said sometimes the DA defined corruption in a manner that suited them.  "I can't believe that a member can have access to the kind of information that Bloom has and sit with that information and make government look bad.

"You have been doing this thing since you became an MPL, you have been smelling and fishing around and it does not take the DA anywhere.  You need to find a way of dealing with the ruling party.  Do your oversight not a parallel government or run a parallel Department of Health. Give them a chance to sort out their challenges and support them."


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