Thursday, May 19, 2011

High Court rejects ANC application

May 16, 2011

The South Gauteng High Court today denied the ANC’s application to intervene. The ANC applied for leave to intervene in a case of last year in which the court declared that the words Dubula i’Bhunu (Shoot the Boer), at first glance, should be regarded as a criminal offence.

Acting Judge Leon Halgryn also ordered in his ruling that the previous judgement should be amended to ensure that the words Dubula i’Bhunu, at first glance, should be regarded as inciting murder. Judge Halgryn further instructed that the conduct of the lawyer who acted on behalf of Mr. Mohammed Vawda and Mr. Willem Harmse, be referred to the Law Society of South Africa for further investigation.

In reaction to this, Willie Spies said that AfriForum will examine the ruling and will most probably use the precedent created by this ruling in its concluding remarks in the hate speech case against Julius Malema which continues on Thursday and Friday.

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