Saturday, May 21, 2011

Body of a Newborn Baby


Boys make gruesome discovery

A GROUP of 8-year-old boys uncovered the body of a newborn baby while they were playing soccer.

The body was found in the bushes behind the Ikhwezi Centre in Paarl's Mbekweni township in Western Cape yesterday.

The boys were looking for plastic to make a soccer ball when they made their gruesome find.

So much for Sepp Blater and all the so called Soccer Clinics after the World Cup!!

One boy said: "We were walking here looking for plastic to play with when we saw this thing. At first we thought it was a dog. Then when we looked closely, we saw a baby's head, hands and legs.

"We rushed home to tell my mother."

Nokwandiso Giba 37, mother of one of the boys, said: "I could not believe my eyes when I got there. How can a person do such a thing to a child?

"I have never seen anything like that before and it's he first time such a thing has happened in our area."

Captain Flip Linnert of Mbekweni police station confirmed the incident to Sowetan and said they had opened an inquest docket.

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