Monday, May 23, 2011

16 Arrested at ANC Protest


Only in Africa! You voted for this party, and now we're unhappy with your representatives!

First you vote for them , then you protest--- heaven help us!!!!!!

May the Anc reap the full effects of the seeds of destruction they have and continue to plant. The people are wising up to the lies and deceit. Mass protests are surely only a matter of time.

Already...Hahahahaha!!!!! stupid bunch of ANC clowns!!!!...your days are so numbered!!

Like a bunch of chimps swinging in the trees and screaming.
Except the chimps are intelligent

O we are so doomed! You asked for them! Now sharrap and sit in your shack without water, electricity and cabriolet toilets!

You asked for it, you got it. now shut up

Durban - Sixteen people were arrested for alleged public violence during an ANC protest against newly-elected councillors in Bizana on Monday, Eastern Cape police said.

"About 50 00 people blocked the municipal office and the department of education. They also forced people out of the shops to join the toyi-toyi," spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Sibongile Soci said.

African National Congress members were apparently unhappy with the ward councillors elected for the area during local government elections.

Soci said people were ferried in to the area to take part in the protest.

"The group has since dispersed, but the situation is still tense. Police are monitoring the area as there are fears they might re-group again."

Bizana is the seat of Mbizana local municipality, which is made up of 25 wards.

It was transferred from the OR Tambo district to the Alfred Nzo district municipality following local elections. The ANC won 73.2% of the vote in the province.

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