Monday, April 4, 2011

Lindiwe Sisulu Jet Decision

DA questions Sisulu jet decision


The decision by defence minister Lindiwe Sisulu to lease two new aircraft for transporting VIPs, at a cost of R800 million, was cause for concern, the DA said on Sunday.
"Why are we spending R800m on aircraft for VIPs when millions of people do not have housing, health and basic services," party spokesperson David Maynier said.
"The ministerial handbook is clear: the use of defence force aircraft for these purposes should be the exception, not the rule," he said.
The tender was apparently awarded to AdoAir, a company owned by Nigerian businessman Adegboyega Olulade.
The tender document reportedly specified that the aircraft should be able to transport at least 17 people, have sleeping quarters for two passengers as well as on board communication systems and two conference facilities.
"The use of the SA Air Force for the purpose of ferrying around VIPs needs close scrutiny," Maynier said.
The party would call on the chair of the joint standing committee on defence, Jerome Maake, to schedule hearings on the matter.

                                                                       David Maynier

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