Friday, April 8, 2011

Johannesburg Stinks

Joburgers told to take own refuse to a dump

Apr 7, 2011 

Johannesburg residents will have to handle their own refuse for now as there is no end in sight to the strike that has left a stink over the city. 

Pikitup spokesman Pansy Oyedele asked residents Thursday to take their rubbish to the city's four dumping sites.
"The primary objective of Pikitup is to ensure the earliest possible resumption of refuse removal services in the interest of Johannesburg residents and businesses," said Oyedele. 

She could not say when the strike would end.

Pikitup refuse collection workers began a series of protests yesterday from Joubert Park, Johannesburg, to their Selby depot, protesting at Pikitup management "corruption and nepotism". 

South African Municipal Workers' Union spokesman Tahir Sema said the workers were unhappy about "corruption and irregular tenders that were awarded".
Sema demanded the suspension of the company's MD. "We are also demanding that management look into wage disparities," he said. The protests would go on indefinitely.
Samwu discussed its concerns with the Johannesburg city manager, Mavela Dlamini.
The unions yesterday prohibited strikers from speaking to the media.
However, one protestor, who asked to remain anonymous, passionately described his feelings about Pikitup management. "People get more than you and we work the same job, how would you feel? That's why we are here," he said.
"If we don't cry, we don't get anything."

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