Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ANCYL Takes Aim at Judges

April 13 2011 

The ANC Youth League has again taken aim at judges, saying that those on the Bench should keep out of politics and stick to law. 

The league’s secretary-general, Vuyiswa Tulelo, referring to the Equality Court’s hearing of AfriForum’s hate speech allegations against league leader Julius Malema for singing Dubul’ Ibhunu (Shoot the Boer), told journalists in Johannesburg “the problem with judges is that they are supposed to preside over the law and not politics”. 

                                                                       Vuyiswa Tulelo

She said many judges were now expected to rule in political matters, such as who was the legitimate leader of an organisation. 

She was referring to the multitude of court cases Cope members had brought against each other over whether Mosiuoa Lekota or Mbhazima Shilowa was the legitimate leader. 

She said Malema’s hearing in the Johannesburg Equality Court this week before Judge Colin Lamont should be used to educate people about the ANC’s Struggle songs. 

“The question we should ask ourselves, and I hope that is what the judge would ask, is whether we are a racial or a non-racial society,” she said. 

She said the race issue emerged “at the slightest provocation”, but South Africans should identify themselves as South Africans first, not as white or black. 

The case was an attempt to “erode the history of the ANC” by attacking its Struggle songs and not about Malema. 

Tulelo was speaking at a briefing on the league’s discussion documents before its elective conference in June. - Political Bureau

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