Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The ANC and it's Wrongs

                                                               ROY JANKIELSOHN

March 30 2011


The office of the premier is responsible for the Free State provincial government. It is with concern that we note that this government is becoming less a provincial government and more an individual government. Hlasela remains the premier's private election campaign using the provincial government resources. The reason for this is because the ANC lost over 92 000 votes and three seats in this legislature in the last election.

That is why people are beginning to call the "Hlasela Campaign" the premiers' "Personal Pasela Campaign".

Everything in the Free State is run from the office of the premier. The Department of Rural Development informed the portfolio committee that they do not have to follow tender procedures, because the instructions come directly from the premier's office.

Speaker, on Monday the Honourable Neels van Rooyen stood here and blatantly lied to the House and the people about the DA run City of Cape Town. Let me enlighten this House with the truth about Cape Town.
  • In Cape Town the economy has grown under DA government and more jobs have been created than in any ANC run municipality in the country.
  • Within a year of taking over Cape Town the city's debt was cut by R1 billion which allowed capital for service delivery to increase by 15%. This extra money was put to good use by supplying electricity to informal settlements such as Happy Valley and Site B in Khayelitsha, areas that actually fall under the jurisdiction of Eskom, but Eskom had failed to supply power to these areas as the ANC had failed to do this as well when they governed Cape Town.
  • The city has been able to write off debt for the very poor by R1,5 billion.
  • Between 2006 and 2010 a total of R19 billion was invested in infrastructure in Cape Town. More than any ANC run city in the country.
The ANC governments talk Botho Pele, the DA governments deliver Batho Pele.
Most ANC run municipalities are not even able to deliver even the most basic of services. In fact the largest municipality in the Free State, that is soon to become the first metro in the province, namely Mangaung, is already bankrupt. This is because of its policy circulating corrupt and inept cadres.

Speaker, let me enlighten the people about this ANC that fools voters with its wit-gevaar, bruin-gevaar and Apartheid-gevaar tactics.
The same tactics it used to solicit funds from individuals, companies, and governments during the Apartheid era. Most of that money was stolen by the same corrupt leaders who are using the same tactics to steal South Africans money today.
The ANC hardly fired a shot at security forces during the liberation struggle. The new constitution was a negotiated agreement between many political parties and groups.

The DA acknowledges the wrongs of the Apartheid era, and the need for the moral and social reconstruction of our society. White people in South Africa are reminded of this every day. 

However, we must also acknowledge the wrongs carried out by the ANC.

During the liberation struggle, the ANC spent more time necklacing young people in townships and torturing, murdering and raping its own cadres at camps in Angola and Tanzania, than fighting the Apartheid regime. While this was going on their leaders were stealing Scandinavian country's funds meant for the struggle. In fact the training camps abroad were a farce to solicit funds from donors, which were then stolen by ANC leaders abroad.

Jacob Zuma was head of the security branch of the ANC during the 1980's, while the abuse of innocent ANC cadres was taking place. He and his security branch in Quatro, according to the ANC's own Stuart Commission of enquiry, treated women "as sex objects that can not develop militarily or politically".

In the Free State some ANC women are promoted into senior positions, even executive positions, because of relationships with senior politicians who do not want to pay alimony. In fact, taxpayers pay this alimony for them. The Honourable Maloka requested me to mention this here today.

Speaker, let me give you another example of the ANC's corruption. The World Bank decided to grant Eskom a $3.75 billion loan to finance Hitachi Africa's building of a coal-fired power station in Limpopo. Hitachi Africa is 25% owned by the ANC's investment arm, Chancellor House. This means that the ANC has a R5,8 billion stake in the deal, from which it will make an estimated R1-billion clear profit - enough to fund its election campaigns and the lavish lifestyles of its leaders for many years to come.

While ANC is the richest political party in the World, it continues to blame others for the people's poverty and unemployment.

The people of the Free State will not be fooled forever. The Premier can not beat up every ANC member who is not happy with him, as he did in Winburg recently. This is not Quatro and he is not the Mkobodo here.

The people will continue to see through the lies, deceit, theft and corruption that is the current ANC. Within the ANC, this situation continues because good men and women keep quiet.

The people are tiring of the ANC extravagance and abuse. We know that the biggest lie in South Africa's history is the concealment of the ANC's real history. 

This is a history of extravagance and human rights abuses. The ANC's own Stuart and Skweyiya commission reports support this statement.

Whoever continue vote for the ANC, deserves the ANC.

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