Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shaik put into jail hospital....

Correctional Services says his 'health condition' made transfer necessary

Mar 15, 2011

Days after allegedly assaulting a fellow worshipper at a mosque in Durban, Schabir Shaik has been transferred to the hospital section of Westville Prison because of "his health condition". 


Slaziya Mtola, KwaZulu-Natal Correctional Services spokesman, said: "Mr Shaik, obviously because of his health condition, has been placed in the hospital section of the prison".
According to media reports yesterday, Reeves Parsee, Shaik's lawyer, said: "[He] is confused and saddened at his arrest, which appears to be based on allegations in the media. There is no evidence that he has violated his parole conditions, or proof of the allegations being levelled against him."
Shaik was arrested at his plush home in Morningside, Durban, on Monday after allegedly punching and slapping fellow worshipper Mohamed Ismail outside Overport's Masjid al Hilal mosque on Friday.
The Sunday Times reported that Ismail had to leave the mosque after doctors called him to assist with his five-year-old daughter, who suffers from nephrotic syndrome, a kidney condition.
The altercation was apparently sparked when Shaik's vehicle was allegedly blocking Ismail's vehicle at the mosque.
Shaik will be held for a period of 72 hours while Correctional Services officials investigate the alleged assault and make a recommendation to the parole board.
Yesterday, officers visited the offices of the Sunday Times in Durban and requested contact details for Ismail, who has not laid charges of assault against Shaik.
Reporters asked Ismail's permission to give his details to investigating officers, but he requested that they not do so.
The Times understands that another girl died of nephrotic syndrome in the same hospital as Ismail's daughter over the weekend.
He is said to be "terrified for his daughter's life", and doesn't want "anything more to do" with Shaik.
Shaik, formerly President Jacob Zuma's financial adviser, was released on medical parole in March 2009 after serving two years and four months of his 15-year sentence for fraud and corruption.
The parole board decided to release Shaik on the grounds that he was "terminally ill", but later cut his free time from six hours to four hours after he was photographed at a shopping mall outside his free time.
The incident involving Ismail comes just weeks after Shaik was accused of assaulting Sunday Tribune journalist Amanda Khoza while playing golf at the Papwa Sewgowlum course in Durban.
Khoza laid a charge of assault against Shaik that police are investigating.


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